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    Everybody's Golf

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    i have taken an iso from the original dvd with dvd decrypter... (3 GB). Mode -> iso -> read....

    Then i burned it with alc 120 or nero, but it doesn't work with swap magic dvd boot. The screen is shortly blue (ok) - after that than the screen is black... nothing happens... The dvd has no label - is that the problem?

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    Try a cd/dvd loader or zoneloader to boot it. Also you can try and rebuild the game there are numerous tutorials on here to guide you but that is what i would try. Also may just be a bad burn redo ISO and reburn it...good luck

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    The game does work fine with swapmagic, so you've done something wrong somewhere.

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    itīs not the frist time for me ... but tell how you get success in burning everybodys golf...

    on the fly copy?? Burnspeed?? Programm?


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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzola2608
    The dvd has no label - is that the problem?
    If your speaking of the brand "label", yes, crap discs give crap results. Search the board for recommendations of better discs to use. If you mean that the disc has a blank volume label, then no, that doesn't cause any problems with the PS2.

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    Everbodys golf donīt boot with swapmagic 2.0, but with a mod-chip there are no problems... there is no fix avalible yet @ [Register or Login to view links]

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