Internet Explorer Problem
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    Internet Explorer Problem

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    Hello! My problems is while I am using my computer ocasionally it starts to work slowly and every time I check what program is using all my resources it is the explorer program. This occurs when I am not even using the program interface. Any help to solve this problem will be greatly appreciated.

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    Explorer.exe is not Internet Explorer, iexplorer.exe is. Explorer.exe is all the windows you have open on your screen. Either get more ram or live with the slowness
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    along with more ram, run virus/spyware scan...a huge WW3 on ur pc
    house call AV along with the one you use
    MS antispyware
    A squared free
    spyware guard
    spyware blaster
    spyware doctor (prolly the best, not not free)

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    Okay, I have 2x512MB of Ram running at 400MHZ, so I think that is enough. I ran adware , MS antispyware, adaware, and Nortaon antivirus and I usually come up with nothing. I will give it another try. Thanks

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    do this quick experiment go to Run at the start bar type msconfig go to startup tab then click disable all (this will disable all the prog that run when you boot up your pc) click ok and restart your pc . . . see if this speed up your pc then if you want go to msconfig again and enable only the progs you want . . . hope this helpss

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    also, if you are interested in a free download go to and get tweaknow registry cleaner. it may help, it helped me quite a bit. there is also some start up managers you can get for free, but i don't know how well they work.

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    Thanks, I already to this and I have a lot of startup programs disabled. The explore.exe just suddenly starts using all my resources spontaneously, especially when some file does not open correctly and I have to resort to end task.

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    Well my problem its that big of a deal to reformat because I would have to spend hours backing my stuff up. It's not like my computer is slow all the time, this just occurs every once in a while. I am running P4 3.0GHZ 800MHZ FSB 512L2, etc, so it not because I have a bad computer.

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