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    Contributor Furatudo's Avatar
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    The Suffering Ties That Bind (USA)

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    Works fine on V4 & SM3.6

    TOC = 3,72GB

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    Works fine on V4 with swap magic 2.0.

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    Re: The Suffering Ties That Bind (USA)

    What brand media did you guys use?

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    Working fine on sm 3.6 and v7. I used memorex - at 16x nero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seeker
    this one really gives the ps2 laser a work out.
    Are you getting REALLY long load times and skipping audio during the cinemas? I've ripped this one twice and I got the same results both times. I am using the same discs I always use FujiFilm DVD+R 4X, and I have a V12 & SM 3.3.

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    I also used the FujiFilm DVD's but -R. Switch to a different media, it helped. It helped but not get rid of some cinema skips and slow downs.

    I now use TDK-R burned at 4x, DVD code TTGO2

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    ok, with mine it freezes all the time from disc, but never at the same place. I'll be in the middle of something and it'll just stop everything and the music will skip, I don't think its ever frozen on a black screen yet, or while a level is loading, just during a level, so I put it on my hdd and I have the same problem, it freezes at random spots and I have to reboot my ps2. I don't understand why it happens. Any ideas?

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    I have slimline V13 and burned the game and it did not work. I then rebuilt it still no luck and I cannot find any patch either on swapmagicfix.com or ps3news.com

    swapmagicfix.com doesn't even have the game listed as a problematic game on their page. Any help will be appreciated.


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    I am using verbatim 8x DVD-R (always use this) and burning at 2x, when i boot it nothing happens I just come to a black blank screen.

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    I made a backup of the original game using DVD Decrypter, but it doesn't seem to boot up. It only shows me a black screen. I searched the forum but it didn't help me since some say it works and some say it doesn't. The original game wasn't scratch or damage badly. I used Verbatim DVD-R and Taiyo Yuden DVD-R from supermediastore. I then try rebuilding it, but it takes me back to the menu with a blue color dvd.

    Oh and I use the Cogswap (memory card exploit), the swap magic 3.8 doesn't work since all my backups just brings me to the menu. The Cogswap works along with the cd loader for all my other backups. Any solutions here? Made like 4 backups already with no success.


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