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Today we have received word from the [Register or Login to view links] of a recent [Register or Login to view links] about their updated Ripper3 v3.2u line of PS2 mod-chips. To quote from the [Register or Login to view links]:
We are very proud to announce the beginning of a new era in the Ripper3 brand of mod-chips for the PS2. From now on all the Ripper3 mod-chips will be fully updatable via CDs inserted into your PS2 console. The new VHDL core implemented into the Actel FPGA allows every customer to flash the newer version of the Ripper3 firmware in seconds. The all new Ripper3 mod-chips come with the L.E.D. diode in RED, and only these chips are updateable via CD like all the high class mod-chips on the market today. Please visit our [Register or Login to view links] periodically to grab the latest firmware update for your favorite Ripper3 v3.2u.

In the upcoming big software update, which will be ready soon, we will implement such cool features as:
  • DEV2 mode
  • Y-fix for many games
  • Full DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL support for all games
  • RCE support
  • Configuration menu
  • Custom, user-designed BOOT logo
  • PSX multi-disc support
  • Enhanced games compatibility
  • PAL, PAL-60 and NTSC user configuration
  • And many more :-)