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    mod chips and cheat codes

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    Before everyone gets mad, I did do a couple of searches to find the answer. I KNOW it is on the site, just couldn't find it. Can I use the game shark or action replay with a chipped console and game backupl? I would really like to play my GTA SanAndreas backup using codes with my GameShark and media play disk.

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    I have a Matrix Infinity and it works fine with Codebreaker. What modchip do you have though? Some will give you problems when it comes to GS/CB/AR

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    Yes you can as i use the gameshark 2 v4 without media player with a modded v7 ps2 and it works really good and this is a backup of my GS that i am using.

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    Thanks so much for the quick answers. Now I will just have to back-up my cheat disks, hadn't thought of doing that!

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    Your very welcome bharter

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    My modded PS2 won't run CDs, can't use the GS. Anyway to either put it and run it off of memory card or HDD. I have the DMS4 Lite chip and I also have a SharkPort. I tried to copy it to DVD, didn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Did you use this PS2 CD to DVD Tutorial in site utilities in the PS3News.COM Tutorials as this uses nero to port it from a ps2 cd which GS is to a dvd,and if you have a dvd-/+rw disc this will work to test it on and you don`t waste any dvd-/+r disc`s this way.

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    I have a v9 ps2 modded with a dms3 chip. I tried backing up GS v 4.1 with this method and unfortunate it didn't work out for me. But maybe someone else has gotten. I was able to get AR Max Evo to boot but the screen was all differnet colors and the controls would not work. I burned Gameshark v4.1 onto a cd by just draging the copyed files inot a folder and burning them as a data cd.

    When you swap the disc, push eject button and about half a cm before the tray closed, press x and the game backup game shoot boot with the codes. I had to do the same thing with AR Max Evo except I hate to copy the one of the files (I think called big.dat) and rename it big2.dat because that file just would not copy. I hope this helps.

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    The one i did with this method works really good,even loads nicer than the cd i nade of it.You may have to try it a few times this is why i advised to use a dvd-rw if possible,once it does work than you can just make an image file out of it nrg image file, iso image file, etc or can be copy directly from disc to disc,but making the image file is a more safer way.

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