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    Question PS2 SM3.6 taking long read times NTSC

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    I recently installed a flip-top for my brother...but when I insert SM 3.5 NTSC/USA into the dvd-rom drive it take a about 1 min to load then i can play backup games with no problem.Ocassionaly i get a disc read error with sm3.6. The disc is new so i doubt they are scrathed. Any Ideas on whats going on?? Thanks

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    I think I found the problem and am guessing here... the laser lens might be worn out... if so can anyone tell me how to change the lens on a version 7 ps2 thanks.

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    i have SM3.6 and i have same problem with it too, i do not think its the lens when i use original games they work fine i try to adjust the lens too so i dont think its your lens.

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    I have heard alot of people seem to have trouble with the SM 3.6,i have a friend that bought it with fliptop cover and that person hasn`t gotten 1 game to work yet with it and that person has tried games i burnt onto ritek,memorex,sony,prodisc which all load in my modded ps2 and they all come up invalid ps2 disc,you are right Fatman541 they are kinda on the crappy side,and this person is beginning to think it was a waste of money.

    And this persons console is pretty new and hardly ever used,it is a v10 ps2.:stickpoke

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    Are you saying not to buy Swap Magic 3.6 then as it causes so much problems? I was just about to sell my copy of Swap Magic 2.0 to purchase Swap Magic 3.6.

    Can anyone else please advise on what to do and post their experiences with Swap Magic 3.6 here ASAP? Thanks in advance!

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    I have SM 3.6 and it sucks. Is there anyplace to pick up a SM 3.2 or whatever cheap?


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