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    Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

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    is mortal kombat shaolin monks dvd9? does anyone know this yet? i wonder if it's gonna be another god of war drama...

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    Heh, I'm sure we'll be getting a TOC size and a report of whether a simple 1:1 copy works soon. Worry not!

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    yup, works with my v9 and SM2.0

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    v12 with swap 2.0 works fine. Cool intro movie.

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    Works fine with sw 3.6 and v7. The intro was good, but I really dislike having to use the stick for movement. I didnt see an option to change that, has anyone?

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    works on 2.0 great ko co

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    Has anybody had a problem with the videos skipping nonstop? And before fatalities it takes about 1 minute to load for me. I burned at 2x on a FujiFilm DVD-R, Sony DVD-R and again on a Memorex DVD-r and got the same results. Any suggestions?

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    That sounds like a pretty clear disc-reading problem to me. Lowest speeds are not always the best match for that particular burner and media; for instance, my burns with 8x Ridatas and my 3520A read better when burned at 4x rather than at 2.4x. It's best to find the optimum match between your particular burner and media, and then stick with that.

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    I use DVD Decrypeter to rip and burn mine at 6x on Verbatim DVD+R and dont have any problems with MK or any other rip.


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    Argh, wrong game... my mistake.
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