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    First Look: MGS4!! DMC4!!

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    taken from Famitsu Mag
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    MGS4_2.jpg   MGS4_3.jpg   DMC4_1.jpg   DMC4_2.jpg   DMC4_3.jpg  

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    Cool stuff- Thanks HitCon!

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    Did that first pic show Big Boss as an old soldier?

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    Hey looks pretty awesome HitCon....

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    Damn those are some cool pics

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    If that is Solid Snake (and it probably is), it would seem like there is going to be a decade lapse inbetween MGS2 and MGS4. And is it just me, or where all those robots perfect mini replicas of MGS1's Metal Gear Ray?

    Also, anyone else think that Snake's new outfit looks DANGEROUSLY close to that of Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher?

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    Hi-Res Version and New MGS4 Pics

    After seeing these, I have no more doubt that it is Solid Snake. He sure looks kinda old... [Register or Login to view links].

    It looks like it's gonna be named "Guns of the Patriots" and here's also a trailer impression [Register or Login to view links]

    Official Trailer will be released tomorrow by konami website. again sorry for the edits.
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    there is a trailer up at gametrailers too. it is snake not boss, its ten years after mgs2, and yes i think your right about the mini gears, if you remenber the end of part two it seems about right story wise.

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    holy crap. after seeing the MGS4 trailer, i cannot wait to play this game. it looks so awesome and the graphics are so damn detailed. the best part is, this is just preliminary stuff so its only going to get better. i can't wait for 2007.

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    Official MGS4 Trailer is up, got a little delayed but here it is
    [Register or Login to view links]

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