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    Registered User adamr's Avatar
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    PsTwo Not reading Dvds

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    Hi, I have installed a subzero 2 modchip and subzero laser fix into a pal V12. I installed the laser fix first and tested it. But once I installed the modchip the pstwo stopped reading dvds (copy or original). The dvd spins slowly, in sort of half turn bursts. Cds booted fine (copy and original). I have backed out of the install and cleaned all points. -No Joy. Removed laser fix -no joy.

    Now I guess its the laser but the coils are both 4.5ohms, could something else in the laser be broken apart from the coils? I would like to be able to test to make sure its the laser before I order a new Laser.

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    Contributor NUTCASE's Avatar
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    ps2 slim now only playing cd formatted disks

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    last night my ps2 slim was working great, playing dvd, new games, and copied games. this morning however , the only disks it will play is any cd format. it will not even load my swap magic dvd version disk. please help.

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    Contributor Rook's Avatar
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    Search the board for how to do the following:
    • Clean your laser.
    • Check your laser coil resistance.
    • Check and adjust your CD or DVD potentiometers.

    It sounds like your laser went bye-bye.

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    you were right. my laser was gone. i replaced it, and life is good again. thank you!

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    my slim was doing the same thing , i replaced the laser and it works great now . i didn't test my coils with multimeter , i just ordered a lens on ebay and installed .

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    slim is down again... help!

    i just replaced my laser and everything was working fine . then in the middle of a game, during a load, it froze. when i lifted the flip top, the disk was not spinning all the way around. it was kind of half spinning. i held the reset to switch to standby and nothing happened. the light didn't change from green to red until i hit the eject. i closed the lid and hit reset again, green light came on but the disk still only half spinning. need answers, info, suggestions, anything.

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    Did you take the solder bead that is on for transport purposes as it for antistatic reasons to protect laser in transport,but must be removed before laser installation is done check this ESD_Protect_Bridge pic from this permalink">post by PS3News.COM and make sure you have removed it as if not taken off can lead to laser and maybe pstwo damage as well.

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    yes , i desolder it before install . i don't think it would have worked at all if i hadn't . but it worked great for a couple of hours . but i did not use a diode fix . i have one ordered , but it will take a couple more days to arrive . could the new laser have burnt out that fast without using a mod chip ?

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    Okay just making sure that`s all, it is possible as i have heard of a member a while back had a brand new pstwo and the laser was gone in 2 hrs, not saying yours has gone, did you get the PVR-802W laser as these are not that good of a laser as the KHM-430 is a better quality laser.

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    yes, it's the pvr-802w. and when i tried cd based games it seemed to work. just the same as before i replaced the laser. so i guess i will try again, and thank you Starlight, you have always been helpful.

    by the way, where can i get a khm-430?

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