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    Stepping into the PSP world

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    Hi people (This is my first post)
    Im about to get my hands on a PSP, I was told this was a decent place to get all my questions and querys out of the way before i spent my money so here i am.

    So i went to buy a PSP at my local town centre, went to over 20 shops to find everywhere sold out! (I've not been paying any attention to the PSP world, i had no idea they would be this popular). So now im going to have to order from ebay (Found a good seller who has afew different PSP's to chose from and will deliver by Tuesday).

    My first option is a JAP PSP with firmware 1.50 in the usual Black colour scheme. My second option is a JAP PSP with firmware 2.0 but in the new White colour scheme.

    Can someone run through the main differences between the two, which is best and the plus and minus points in both versions? I heard that some games wont run without the latest firmware, is this easy and quick to bypass? If im going to be forced to update the firmware, then i might aswell go for the nicer white colour scheme.

    Im sure you know more about it then i, so any info and any pointers are welcome.


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    It's fairly simple... if you want to use homebrew (emulators, loaders, etc) and PSP iSOS then you'll need a v1.00 or v1.50 PSP, however, if you get one you won't be able to use $ony's on-line browser features that v2.00 offers. The decision is yours, but right now it's a catch-22 so basically it's one or the other... personally if you can get a 1.50 I'd grab it as you can always upgrade (when you are bored of the EMUs, etc) down the road to v2.00 firmware. And before you ask, since you are new, there is NO publically available way to downgrade the PSP firmware yet.

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks for the info so far. Does the on-line browser feature out-weigh the homebrew option? Is the browser even any good? I do prefer the look of the white 2.0 PSP, but if running ISO's is real simple i'd probably go for the ability over the looks!

    One question i haven't had answered anywhere is: Will i ever be forced to update (to play a game or video) and if there is a way around it, how much messing around is it?


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    It's really personal preference, but when you weigh being able to browse the Web (which you can do from a PC anyway) against playing all the PSP games (and emulators) for FREE on the PSP I'd say to go for the 1.50. However, the decision is yours.

    Also, nobody knows what the future holds... at this time there are work-arounds for updating to play specific PSP games (again, search as this is covered elsewhere on the board) which bascially involve running a utility to spoof your PSP FW version to trick the games. However, whether this will work with future PSP disc/version check routines is uncertain, so only time will tell if it's a future-proof method or not.

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    Take the black one. Looks cool + 1.5fw, as mentioned above

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrian
    Take the black one. Looks cool + 1.5fw, as mentioned above

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    If you buy the white one, someday you gonna be sitting in a bus next to someone with 1.5fw black PSP, and he will have finger prints all over his unit and less comfortable buttons, but all of that won't matter because he will be playing SNES games or the latest unreleased PSP game and you'll regret buying 2.0fw unit.

    It may not be tomorrow, or the day after, but it is bound to happen!

    your decision, but I say get the black one before it will be a collectors item.

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    I would say if you consider yourself good with computers and electronics go for the 1.5. If you don't know a whole lot about the scene it can get tricky trying to run homebrew and can sometimes be more of a headache than it's worth. Although if you don't have a wireless router then getting the 2.0 is kinda worthless as you won't be able to use the web browser. I would say go with the 1.5 either way and get ready to do some research to get your homebrew running. Just search the crap out of this site and you'll find everything you could ever need.

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    I dont even think the web browser is enough of a reason to pass up homebrew, its slow, has memory issues when browsing pages with graphics, and without keyboard support (keyboard coming soon), its a hassle keying everything.

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    Im gonna go for the 1.5. The issue was over a nice white PSP or homebrew . . . The browser never really came into it (I dont have a WiFi enabled network though)!

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