Overview of the Basics?
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    Overview of the Basics?

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    Lets assume that I am a complete dummy here, which basically I am. I'd really like to get an overview of the basics here. I have a modded PS2 so I am familiar with backing up games and I am considering purchasing a PSP.

    Am I correct to asume that UMDGen allows you to create an ISO image of a UMD Disc on your memory stick thus allowing playback on your PSP? In effect you can back-up a UMD Game for example to your Memory Stick and playback without the original UMD?

    If my assumptions here are correct can someone verify the following:

    1. What version of firmware does my PSP have to be running?
    2. In order to generate an ISO how do you extract the data files from the UMD Disc? Is this done on your PSP?
    3. Aside from UMDGen what other software do you need? Do you need some sort of loader software to run the ISO image on your PSP?
    4. How much memory stick space would your average game consume?

    I know that most of this info is scattered throughout the forums but I'd really like to get a single definitive answer to my questions. Any other info would be greatly appreciated. If any one has links to a guide for beginners/dummies please let me know.


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    UMDGen is primarily used to rebuild previously dumped and extracted UMD iSO images for use on a PSP Memory Stick. With that being said, if you are just looking to back-up a UMD Game to your Memory Stick and playback without the original UMD then UMDGen isn't required.

    HERE is a thread that details how to use the various PSP dump utilities (all found in our PSP Utilities STICKY thread) to dump your UMD discs from your PSP drive to your PSP Memory Stick. For now, you'll need a PSP with firmware version 1.00 (JAP) or v1.50 (USA) to run the dumped game images (PSP iSOs). THIS thread will show you with pictures how to identify the PSP Firmware Version from the outside of the box... so you don't end up buying one that won't work.

    As for how to run the iSOs from your Memory Stick to play the games, you'll need to read for an hour or two... I suggest checking out some of the related Tutorials in our PSP Tutorials STICKY thread, for example, How_To_Run_Homebrew_Applications_On_PSP_v1.50.zip and it probably wouldn't hurt to read the PSP_UMD_Dumping_Guide.zip there either... or any others that interest you.

    Finally, games vary in space required on a Memory Stick. Most are from 300MB to 1GB in size, but some are more or less, and the larger ones can be ripped down to fit on a smaller Memory Stick. You definitely aren't ready to get into doing PSP UMD Rips (which UMDGen can be used to create) as it's clear from your post you haven't even ran a non-Ripped PSP game iSO on your PSP yet... so crawl before you try walking, and don't be LAZY and not SEARCH for the information you're seeking before posting a slew of redundant questions. Good Luck!

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    Well i'm a newbie who's glad he asked now I have it all in one as well... Thanx for answering admin!

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    Not a problem.

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    That's great idea to open such a topic to the real dummy as I, coz I try to make my own ISO, however still can't one success from so many trial & error.

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