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    How to find out which modchip?

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    Hey all, I just got my ps2 back from the installer, and it's perfect, Direct boots everything 100%.

    I was wondering if there is anyway to find out which modchip i have without opening it.
    v9 btw.
    Again, so far.
    It direct boots everything.

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    Does any kind of menu screen come up when you start your ps2,otherwise you will most likely have to ask the installer what modchip he put in there or do you have an invoice with what was done and put into your ps2.Also what loading methods are you using to load cd or dvd game backups.

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    Hmmm it wouldn't load ps1 or dvds so i did the Magic V instructions (hold standby until blue reset comes on) and it worked. So it's a Magic V i guess

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    It could be a magic v,but there are a few other modchips that boot with the same method,and if you power up your ps2 to stanby mode (red light) then open tray put in a ps2 cd-based game or ps2 dvd game backup and then just tap the reset button and tray will close and game should start,that`s the method for a ps2 cd and dvd backup which should work for you...Happy Gaming!

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    Sounds like a Magic V to me to. Too bad he didnt install a DMS4 because those boot everything without tapping buttons/rest etc.

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