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    Genji: Dawn of the Samurai

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    Anyone got any info on this game? Does it work with SM? Or do I need dvdloader, or some other multi-swap trick?

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    Works great with v12 and Swap 3.3. Pretty impressive-looking and sounding game with lots of environmental detail and strong character models; props to Game Republic! Only problem is a lot of background shimmering (due to lack of anti-aliasing?) which is accentuated by the environmental detail.

    People who enjoy high-quality CG movies rather than in-game engine movies (like me) will be glad to see a healthy dose of those as well. High production values all around.

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    I got it to work with CDLoader on my v7 with SM2.0

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    I needed to use CD Loader to get this one to work. When I used SM2.0 on my V4, the game immediately booted back to the PS2 menu screen. CD Loader does work though.

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    Ok thanks a bunch Been so many great new PS2 games of late hard to keep up

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    just got this game will work with swap magic 3.3, but will not work with 2.0 on v4.

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    (V9 ps2) Game wont load ive tried the dvdloader. what am i doing wrong?
    anyone have a v9 ps2 and got it to work and what steps did u take to make it work?

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