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Thread: Fahrenheit tool

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    Contributor player98198's Avatar
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    Big Grin Fahrenheit tool

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    this extractor/rebuilder is for ps2 ver plus i added xbox compatibility for all 8 big files (danm xbox people can't just store it in one)
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    I am kinda new to this. Can you explain step by step how you use this tool?THANKS

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    Cool player98198- Thanks for the tool!

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    run tool and select your .dat file which is extracted from the iso/dvd. then click extract lba and so on.

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    forgive my ignorace, but does this tool fix the prob that some hda & s/m users are having with the game freezing at hz selector?

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    Hi Sorry I am a newbie and getting lost with this...

    I am trying to use this tool for use with HD Advance version 3 (getting stuck at 60hz selections creen too) and select an idx file and a big .dat file in the top level of the iso and then click on Extract LBA then Extract Files which takes ages and makes some stuff, then I click on Rebuild Files which again takes ages and finally REindex Lba and after all that I am left with a load of file that look nothing like the original and I don't know what to do with!

    Can someone give me some step by step instructiosn to use this tool?

    Cheers in advance

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    I have patched before with .ppf files, before but the above still makes little sense.

    Can you explain what I edit & with what e.g. the .pss file etc? If not point me to a tutorial on the subject?


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    I'm also curious to know, what should I do to the files after extracting? How should I edit those? and with what?

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    Hi again

    I am still stuck with the above so does anyone have a tutorial to use with this?


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    what does this tool exactly do?

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