PStwo flip-top, detected swaps, tape mods
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    PStwo flip-top, detected swaps, tape mods

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    Couple of questions. I'm currently using a PStwo with a tapemod and Swap Magic (3.3 I think). It works fine, but the tape eventually becomes unstuck and I'm left redoing it every so often, so I'd like something more permanent.

    So does a flip-top still require any tapemods, or are the disc sensors taken care of with the replacement top? And will a flip-top allow for detected swaps (e.g. multidisc games, or games like Monster Rancher)?

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    The outside of the new lid keeps the sensors down while you open the center opening for swapping discs.

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    it does allow detected swaps also for multidisc or games that require multiswaps with zoneloader or dvdloader.


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    Unless you guys are talking about a different fliptop entirely than what I'm thinking of, the fliptop lid for the PStwo *does not* allow for multidisc swaps.

    Think about how the original PStwo retail lid works. When closed, it has tabs which presses down on the two sensors which tell the PStwo whether the lid is open or not, right? Now imagine cutting a hole the size of a CD or DVD in the middle of your lid. That would obviously allow the two sensor tabs (which are in the very front and the very back) to remain depressed, while allowing access to the drive for swapping.

    That's essentially how the fliptop replacement lid works: It's a plastic, exact copy of the bottom of the Sony PStwo lid, tabs and all, but with a hinged "cutout" lid the size of a CD or DVD. So, like the tape mod, it works by keeping the two sensor tabs depressed at all times. What this means, though, is that with multidisc or in-game swaps, the PStwo will always think the lid is closed, even when you open it -- causing the disc to continue spinning and the game to think you haven't opened the lid yet. With the tape mod, it was possible to "fool" the PStwo into thinking that it was open again as long as one of the sensors was unblocked: i.e., if you remove the wad of tissue or similar plug stopping the front sensor near the power button. This would allow for normal swapping. Even so, certain games like the Xtreme Legends games would recognize the backup swaps as non-original.

    But with the fliptop lid, both sensor tabs are pushed at all times. The only way to get around this is by removing the lid entirely... which would ruin the point. This is why multidisc swaps are not possible. Loaders will certainly work; but then again, they worked fine with the tape mod and every other solution, too.

    It's too bad your tape came loose. I've had mine taped (for the back sensor) for half a year now, and it hasn't come loose yet... though I originally kept expecting it to, since I merely used scotch tape (no duct tape around). Then again, I used several layers of it as a precaution, so maybe that made the difference.

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    Thanks for the responses, guys. Makes me wish I'd saved a bit of money and bought the flip-top and the Swap Magic discs at the same time. Oh well.

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    so the tape mod will allow multidisk switching? Or does it require a Loader? I'm a complete noob so go ez on me

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    Nothing allows for multidisk swaps unless you can "untrigger" (that is, stop pressing down on) one of the sensor tabs. This makes the PStwo recognize that the tray is open again, as opposed to always closed. The easiest way to do this is to have some sort of removable plug, or simply a removable tissue wad (which is what I use), for the front sensor tab. Taping the front sensor won't cut it -- which is why I only use tape for the back switch, which is almost inaccessible from the outside.

    Even so, there are really, really few games which require multidisc swaps; the Monster Rancher games (put in random discs to spawn monsters) come to mind, but what else is there? True multidisc games games like Star Ocean and Xenosaga epII can be continued straight-up by continuing the second disc from the first disc game save. And, like I said, the Xtreme Legends games don't work anyway, if you are trying to remix the original games -- only the original discs will work for swapping due to some in-game detection scheme.
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    wot sort of tape did you use becase i did mine about 9-10 months ago and it is still on. I used duck tape

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    i think you guys are wrong here. My pstwo fliptop allows me to open the flip top (undetected) or use the eject button which is a detected swap. Of course I can do this in any combination either for two disc games or to use dvdloader, zoneloader or anything else. Permanent mods to the sensors like magic clips will NOT let you have a detected swap. Mine works identical to the old ps2 fliptops in which you would use the lid (undetected) or the eject button (detected). Anyone that reports differently probably doesn't have a pstwo with the fliptop , like the one right before me.


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    I'm talking about the one featured on a site I'm not allowed to link here. I have one myself, though I don't use it -- go figure!

    Anyway, like I said, games requiring in-game swaps are incredibly rare. And as far as I know, neither the zoneloader nor DVDloader need detected swaps on the slim. The zoneloader works with a straight up undetected swap, and the dvdloader can be spun down by pressing the triange button, and the swapped disc spun up again the same way.

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