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    Confused ps2 making noises

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    My ps2 is making funny noises when i put a game in, whether it a backup or an original. i have had my ps2 to pieces and had a look at the laser, and it seems to me that at the side of the laser there is a little motor for the laser to move up and down.. and it seems to be slipping on the motor (thats what i think) any1 got any suggestions?


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    PS3 Directions Buttons

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    I think you are refering to the laser guide arm ( White plastic thing or can be metal ) which rides along the spiral/worm gear motor,is your laser guide arm platisc or metal,and if metal you can bend it down a little so that it is firmer on the spiral/worm gear motor.

    If plastic you can lift your laser off the rails by taking the right rail screw out towards the back of the cd/dvd drive and lift up laser slowly with the rail and slide out the right rail and flip over laser carefully and check the notches at the end of your laser guide arm and see if they need just cleaning or if they have been worn down which will end up to having to replace it,also if the spiral/worm gear itself is dry you can put on a thin coat of lubricate (white grease ) to ensure that your laser will slide smoothly and the two rails can also have a thin coat of lubricate on them also.

    Re-assemble in reverse order.

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    V12 Griniding laser noise

    I think my ps2 is becoming nackerd 50% of the time it turns on with a constant wering sound which i have to ceep turning it on and off to get normal. But my main question is about something inside my ps2 i prosume it is the laser making a grinding sound when loading on some games so far i have noticed it on fifa 2006 rebuilt (wont boot not rebuilt coz i use sm 3.3) outlaw tennis rebuilt and not rebuild and juiced non rebuilt (dosent make the noise rebuilt just takes ages to load)

    Please can someone help.

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    cheers mate thanks alot for that advice ive took it off and done what u said and for now it seems to be working the noise has now gone wheter it`ll come back or not i don`t know


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    Your welcome dan2005.....

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    what media are you using. i found cheap media made mine noisy but got some ritek discs and now there is hardly any noise at all.

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    this was like 4 months ago

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