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    A few questions w/ HDA and PS2OS

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    i have a ver 7 ps2 and am using hda 2.0 retail on a 40gb maxtor hdd. i have a few probs/questions:

    1) can i copy the newer hda image to the hdd and run it from there?

    2) is there any swap progs that run from the hdd?
    i tried dvdloader7forall and all i get is a pink screen.
    ps2os's launch tool hangs at the press cicle to launch screem. is there any way to fix theese probs?

    3) what does ps2os partition (hdd or MC) and will it harm any existing data on either? what is the porpose of the partition?

    sorry for the n00b questions, but i searched for 2hrs w/ no luck. i appreciate any help you give!

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    1. you can use HDA from the MC is the best way no need for swap . . .
    use This Prog it will patch the image with the ps1 triger disc to the HDA mc exploit

    2. You can't run swap programs like swap magic or dvdloader from HDA, i don't know about the prob with PS2OS cause i have never had any prob with it . . . i boot the ps2os image from HDA try that if you like . . .

    3. No it will not do any damage to the existing Data it is just a little space it use for you to tranfer MC saves to the HD and put some ELF file like the new HDA that we have This Sticky . . .

    BTW: Welcome to PS3News.com hope you enjoy your stay . . .


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