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Well I have these two C++ programs that I have write for my class and I was wondering I you guys could help me out.
Here are the problems:

Problem 1.A cereal Company wants to know how many Trailer Containers needs to use to transport itís cereal to a City. They want to create a program that will calculate this amount. The data is as follows:

The number of Cereal boxes is variable
They know that 20 Cereal boxes fit into a cardboard box.
And they know that 3000 cardboard boxes fit into a Trailer Container.

For a given number of Cereal boxes calculate the number of cardboard boxes and the number of Trailer Containers they need to rent to transport them.

Using cin, cout and integer variables write a program that asks the user how many Cereal boxes they want to transport and gives as a result the number of Cardboard Boxes and Trailer Containers to rent.

Problem 2. Using cin, cout and float variables write a program to solve the following problem: four friends buy a pizza that costs $20.00. Each person contributes with the following amount of money.

Jane $5.00
Mike $8.00
Mary $3.00
Joe $4.00

Each person will eat the amount of pizza proportional to the amount of money they paid. Write a program that reports how much pizza (percentage) each person can eat.

Could you just give me a few tips such as how to find the mathematical formula for these to problems. If any of you guys are nice enough, maybe you could post the code on a txt file.

Thank You Guys So Much In Advanced!