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    anyone willing to get us links rather than letitbit?

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    I updated the main article with the mirrors, and also HERE is a non-letitbit link to all the 4.50 SGK spoofers in one pack.

    For those who still wish to use the letitbit links, THIS post may be helpful as well.

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    doesn't work with 4.31, so should I just update to 4.46?

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    sk8almost44 Yeah , all you need is to simply install the spoofer and it's all done , you can play on PSN again

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    PS3 won't mount backups help?

    So after using the spoofer 4.50 for rogero 4.30 and psnope disable syscalls the ps won't load the backups i already undone everything i did i'm in 4.30 and undone everything i did with PSNope and even installed habib 4.50 and multiMan 4.50 but it didn't fix anything so can anyone help me with this?

    When i load a backup in multiMan in the XMB it won't load it it will still be the one in the BD.

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    Did you check in multiman that BD-ROM Emulator is enabled. Bottom of Second Tab in Multiman

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    Nope it doesn't work

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    I installed the one for rogero 4.30 and it spoofed my system but i get 80710007 when trying to sign in

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    THANKS works like a charm and update 4.50 also grtz gta online

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    This spoofer seems to have messed up my ps3. i was on rebug 4.46 , installed the spoof and enabled it from normal mode. and then enabled rebug mode, system shows as 4.50 but when trying to load game disc with multiman 4.50, ps3 reboots.

    anyone was able to get this working on rebug 4.46, any solutions? planning to install digitalevo 4.50.. forget to mention my ps3 was on rebug 4.46 cex with qa enabled.

    Edit: sorry teamsgk for making an irresponsible comment without proper testing. after install and enabling rebug mode you have to change xmb operation mode to retail in rebug toolbox. now playing fifa 14 online

    thanks a ton to teamsgk - this spoofer works on rebug 4.46 , just disable xmb debug after selecting rebug mode in rebug toolbox!
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