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    Junior Member lzyslckr's Avatar
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    cool. *goes on a update spree*

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    how to update some of the games without requiring you to update??...

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    ok... I have a slim ps3 on 3.66 ofw and i really need an answer can i downgrade with 999 and then upgrade to 4.21 cfw ?? or i will brick my console??? ... need an answer here than you

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    No? you can't downgrade. If you on 3.66, then, probably, you should ask/find someone with flasher long time ago. Or maybe you just greedy to spend some money for not spending them on games.

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    no you need to be on 3.55 to use it sorry

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    I got something for someone with an updated PS3 to try out. Not sure if it'll work with 4.21CFW so it will probably need to be 4.30CFW.

    Install 430CFW.

    Do a network transfer from OFW 4.30 PS3. You know the backup over network to a 2nd PS3.
    On that CFW PS3 you should have FTP access. so install MultiMan and FTP and whatever else.
    Do the network trnasfer backup option the other way, from the CFW PS3 to the OFW PS3.
    Does the homebrew transfer? Does it work? What has changed?

    That might be 1 way to get homebrew on a PS3 with OFW above 3.55.

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    since fw above 3.55 has other inbuilt checks, i would assume that as soon as you turned off the ps3 and then back on again, the ps3 would brick. i'm probably wrong, but i'd only test this if you have a hardware flasher.

    either that or the homebrew would transfer but couldn't run cos no patches in lv1 or anywhere else (no peek and poke support)
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    Your not editing the firmware so it shouldn't brick.

    Some homebrew doesn't use peek/poke like FTP server so it should work if its signed for 4.30 I'm guessing.

    apps like MultiMan would load but not load the games. Same sort of thing as if you reinstalled 3.55 OFW.

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    i suppose some very basic homebrew might run this way, but not much usefull stuff.

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    Its a good way to transfer modded files like backed up PSN games and things like that.

    As my first account is banned I cant download all the DLC I've paid for so I need to transfer it somehow Thought this might've been a way.


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