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    Member kombat75's Avatar
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    Any fix for Injustice ver 3.55 and Ninja Gaiden 3 Blade fix for save data / save system for 3.55

    Pls don't ask to upgrade Rebug or Rebog or Rogero as I still prefer v3.55 ...

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    Was Sacred Citadel released?

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    Yes it has, it was released yesterday by PropJOE along with the DLC crack.

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    hello, is there a fix for Mad Dog McCree II the lost gold (NPUB30940)...?

    thanx in advance

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    Mad Dog McCree II has been release ???

    I think the fix will release soon..

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    Here yo have it!!! ENJOY!!

    Mad Dog II - The Lost Gold [NPUB30940] FIX 3.41-3.55-4.21

    [Register or Login to view links]

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    For those who have got Sacred Citadel, updated it and used the dlc fix: after you beat the game, does the bonus act (number 5) shows up to you?

    It should be dlc only and unlocked with the fix provided, but even though I beat the game using the warrior class, I only have the three optional bonus stages (in act 1, 2 and 4) but no act 5 though in the game trophy list the trophies unique to act 5 are there...

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    Same here, I can't see Act 5 on the map screen, only the 4 and the Village, I've only beaten Act 1 so far though.

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    Please share link of PSN package of Mad Dog II - The Lost Gold [NPUB30940]... Thanks...


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