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    Member jgduff's Avatar
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    Dead Space 3 CFW Kmeaw 3.55 : [Register or Login to view links] or [Register or Login to view links]

    Sly Cooper Thieves In Time CFW Kmeaw 3.55: [Register or Login to view links] or [Register or Login to view links] or [Register or Login to view links]

    Fix Sly Cooper: Thank to 0sasukesharingan0 and David27 for the upload

    Fix Dead Space 3 : Thank to zinc6951 and Dave27 for the upload
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    Tested and Work on Kmeaw 3.55! Just try it and you viewing!

    Big thank for team DUPLEX for the awesome Upload job and the great working games!
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    jgduff did you happen to have Hitman HD Trigoly that work on Kmeaw 3.55 Version for all Hitman Games ?

    If have do upload again as 1 of the Hitman BLooD Money not working.

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    I have the same fix for hitman HD Trilogy! Sorry kombat75! It's the only one for now! Anybody have a fix for Just Dance 4 for CFW3.55?

    I have couple one but all not working for me! Bad news for Dead Space 3, The Auto-Save not work, I and you can't save the game progress....! Wait for a new Fix CFW3.55!

    Try this new FIX v3.55 for Dead Space 3 for fix SAVE problem: [Register or Login to view links]

    Not tested! This is the fix CFW3.55 not tested of oppoisso823: [Register or Login to view links]

    Leave your comments for the 3.55 save problem with this fix!

    Thank to oppoisso823 for your Partage!
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    With these fixes the game won't even boot

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    Thank hawkY and sorry for the false hope!

    I have a great news for everybody! Dead Space 3 finally 100% fixed in CFW3.55! Thanks to propJOE! And Korska for the upload! Tested and 100% work in CFW3.55 ! I don't have a "Save Data" problem.

    The link now: [Register or Login to view links]

    It's OK for you hawkY! I leave in peace now lol!
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    Thanks jgduff for uploading the dead space 3 fix from propJOE.. Do you have ni no kuni 3.55 fix?

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    No Fris, I don't have Ni Yes Ni No Kuni... what a bizarre game name you have! But the fix exist! Search in your big friend. Have a nice day!

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    Just tried this fix and it works FLAWLESSLY for me saves work!! Thanks so much!! I will take this one over DMC still cant get that one to work oh well...

    Thanks again for the post and hard work!!!


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