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    Oct 2010
    I'm on 3.55 Kmeaw and using 4.31 Spoofer i can load Far Cry with these Altered Files:

    Note: Still you have the Save Issue... But.. better than nothing.

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    Sep 2012


    God Of War Ascension Demo Fixed For 3.55:

    Here is the PSN link for God Of war Ascension Demo :

    God Of War Ascension DEMO
    Size: 714.28 MB

    Here is The Link For The 3.55 Fix:
    God Of War Ascension DEMO 3.55 Fix


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    Jul 2012

    Also from opoisso893 today:

    F1 2012 BLES01664 Retail fix 3.41/3.55 :

    F1 2012 BLES01664 update 1.03 fix 3.41/3.55 :

    F1 2102 US 1.02 fix :

    Dishonored BLES01675 Retail fix 3.41/3.55 :

    Dishonored BLES01675 update 1.01 fix 3.41/3.55 :

    Or folder :

    Battlefield 3 BLUS30762 update 1.07 fix (3.41/3.55) :

    You need to install official update before :

    From mschumacher69: Assassin's Creed III v1.02 Eboot Fix (3.55)

    Here's my AC3 BLES01667 update 1.02 eboot patch (3.55), confirmed working! Just install official update 1.02 and copy files from my patch to your ps3 via ftp!

    Thanks to DarkGiovy for DarkEbootFixer!


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    For the JPN users here.


    GAME - World_Soccer_Winning_Eleven_2013_JPN_PS3-Caravan

    SUPPLiER..: Caravan
    RiPPER....: Caravan
    PACKAGER..: Caravan
    FiLENAME..: cvn-winning2013
    GENRE.....: Soccer
    SiZE......: 74 x 100MB
    ORiGiN....: JPN/NTSC
    iMAGE.....: JB Filez
    PLATFORM..: Playstation 3
    RLS DATE..: 2012/11/27
    SHOP DATE.: 2012/10/04

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    Sorry guys, but Kmeaw 3.55 is getting old... new fixes are a pain in the rear, trophies are not working on COD BO 2, some fixes work but not fully...

    I really loved kmeaw but I took my decision (I passed days thinking about it): REX 4.21 the most stable and recommended by well-known devs.
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    Still undecided on upgrading myself, I have too many PSN titles that I don't want to lose by upgrading to 4.30, even Duplex advise to stick to 3.55 for now, I no doubt will upgrade eventually, I'm just hoping for a CFW that will work with all the new games and allow me to keep my PSN titles.

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    Ya I have similar concerns. However, I've been noticing that even Duplex is favoring 4.xx, it seems. Several of their recent PSN releases have no proper 3.41/3.55 support, for example. I'm going to upgrade to 4.xx soon because I think the benefits are really starting to outweigh the cons.

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    Thought it was pretty simple when it came to upgrading, ALL NEW GAMES WORK, no patches pretty easy decision you know. Been playing FAR CRY 3 since 1st hour it was released. Not sure what the hold out is if you don't like it go back. Rogero 2.00 or ermac's 1.4 great reliable and work.

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    so which custom firmware is the best in having (rogero cex 4.30) or rex 4.21 or dex 4.21 or other?? which one is the most stable and with best chances of not bricking. I guess its time to upgrade , most of the new games can not be fixed 100% on 3.55

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    in my experience rebug is the way to go