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    Senior Member StanSmith's Avatar
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    The REAL.REPACK is the full game. its 5GB.

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    Yep, I just arrived at the same conclusion after finding the listing in a "pre" site.

    Anyway, I just fired this up on my 3.41 JB dongle and it's working so far. Anyone else test it on their 3.55 yet?

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    Really it's working finally? Who patched it!!!! Gonna test tonight!

    Holy cow duplex finally did it! This one look legit!!! Hey but it is for USA or EUR? I hope it's for both!!! Or EUR cuz that's what I got (the DUPLEX REPACK one)

    If that really works, the only one left is Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater EXTEND then I think I might be good for this year.
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    I got the same error. I just did a simple repair on that .rar file using WinRar and it extracted fine. Game is working perfectly fine on a 4.21 Rebug CFW PS3. Tested the game with PS Move, played a couple of levels.

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    It's for BLES01623 so it's EUR.

    Anyway, someone else has confirmed it working on their 3.55 CFW so here are two more mirrors...

    Dead.or.Alive.5.Eboot.Patch.PS3-DUPLEX - BLES01623

    "Replace files in your game dir with the ones from our archive. The file model_shader_pack.sdat goes into usrdir/shader/"

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    :: OR ::

    [Register or Login to view links]

    Thanks to ps33ps for the headsup and Duplex for the fix
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    Do you or someone else know the difference between the new "REAL REPACK" and the previous repack? Thank you.

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    Works on my 3.55 like a charm!!! I have DUPLEX Repack version of the game and this new eboot patch. Just replaced param.sfo, eboot bin and model_shader_pack.sdat in usrdir folder shader. I start with story mode, the game is awesome! Thanks DUPLEX!!!

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    So the repack of DOA5 was still a bad rip. Has anyone found this real repack? I've had no luck so far.

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    I'm wondering since some people are reporting the previous repack is working fine with the new fix, why bother getting the new repack? What's the difference between the two?!

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    Big Grin

    Guys, I must inform you that first Repack version of game don't work on story mode, just freeze on 3rd battle. I try several battle in versus mode against cpu and all works well, I think that's most important for fighting game! Who cares for story mode!

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