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    Senior Member StanSmith's Avatar
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    Yea, the better one is Rebug 4.21.1 REX. I tried Rogero 4.30 and its so buggy I only had it on for about 10 mins. Rebug is so easy. To install goto Recovery Menu and install. To downgrade just install Rebug 3.55.1 REX. Easy. Also this Rebug has a lot of the features QA mode does so I really like it.

    With UFC 3 I do have an install problem. It is installing but it did stay on 14% for about an hour, now its in 18% and the HDD is flashing so I'm guessing its installing but its taking a really long time.

    Try that eboot in 3.55 before updating. I did have it working but it did lockup after a few mins.
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    Registered User lopes16's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lando43 View Post
    if anyone has psn link to Okami HD, do share please.

    It is a install disk, and you can find the pkg inside it. It has english subtitles, and also other languages as it seems.

    Please someone crack it.
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    Senior Member StanSmith's Avatar
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    Update, That UFC 3 patch works fine in 4.21REX. Took about 2-3 hours to install but its working.

    Forgot to say, BD Mirror mode worked better for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by catalinnc View Post
    fix and update 101, 102, 103 all in one for Resident_Evil_Operation_Raccoon_City_USA_PS3-CLANDESTiNE_BLUS30750
    I verified that it work totally without freezing when quit game menu! Thanks catalinnc! But have to install both 1.00 replacement (EBOOT.BIN and sprx files) and 1.01-1.03 fix if you want to go up to 1.03. This is unlike other games where you can just patch the update and it will work without replacing EBOOT.BIN and sprx in the main game.

    Mods could you guys update in the game fix thread? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwywong View Post
    Mods could you guys update in the game fix thread? Thanks!
    Done as requested Dude.
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    Someone might want to try this. I got it working in 4.21REX.

    [Register or Login to view links] Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends BLUS30842

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    I'm on rebug 4.21.1. is there any way to get games working with my broken disc drive? i have some what work but getting a lot with black screen

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    Try the 3.55 patches as some of them still work in 4.21. If not then patch it for 4.21 and try again.

    If not then it probably wont work diskless.

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    You can go DEX and use new feature in newest Multiman, See Multimans chagelog.

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    [Register or Login to view links] Sleeping Dogs BLES01661

    Tested in 4.21REX. Should still work in 3.55

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