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    Nov 2010
    God I hate Sony. So I just bought Tokyo Jungle, yet I can't download it!

    It said "activating...please wait" for a minute, then gave me the 80029780 error. After that it just gave me that error after 1 second of clicking download.

    I transferred the account to another email address, which is the common solution. Sadly same thing happened, 1 minute of wait then an error.


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    Sep 2012
    anybody successful with darksiders 2 1.02 & dishonored 1.01?

    both only work until main menu =_________=

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    well sorry guys it didn't work well ooh second problem it when your in the menu there is no sound ooh and i hope that someone kan fix the game with some help with my fix

    Quote Originally Posted by privat View Post
    I Fixed:
    thats great mine didnt work

    i didn't read this post um if you want can you tell me how did you get it to work so then i can see were i had gone wrong )
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    Still working?? what it exactly do?? bypass the fifa13 online pass?? and it working on rogero CFW4.30???


    Also from opoisso893: I just created a fix for the update 1.02 DarkSiders II (BLUS30829). Catalinnc is being tested because I do not have the game. If the result is ok I will give you the link.

    Confirm ok without any freeze on cfw 3.41 :

    For cfw 3.55 :

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    Quote Originally Posted by micha93 View Post
    Tek9 Also, i have to create my own patch? In the list are only the US Games..
    I used the unsane-mohwarfighterus fix on BLES01636 and it works just fine

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    I have BLES01157 and i just put a fix wich is for BLUS30531 Spec Ops The Line all was ok!! tested and it worked at least till the helicopter...!!! after that i dont know, i didnt played anymore!!

    if you want to try this one

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    Any link for PES 2013 CFW 3.55 Fix yet ??

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    Is there a proper AC III 1.01 update? From what I see the "fixed" update gives more problems than it fixes...

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    Guy, my time to request if i can Any chances for Argul's tomb Dlc For Darksiders 2? or the others dlc for this awesome game!! thank you! ORC THANKS!

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    Tried fixing DOA 5. Still no luck. It gives a black screen when i load it. Too bad there aren't many who are interested in DOA5.