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    Contributor shadowmiguel's Avatar
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    please fix+edata shank 2

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    Junior Member evilpdor's Avatar
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    mirror: [Register or Login to view links]

    AC3 cfw 3.41 fix from opoisso893: [Register or Login to view links]

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    mirror: [Register or Login to view links]

    duplex don't make update for ac3, only unlocker
    Last edited by evilpdor; 11-01-2012 at 10:44 PM

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    Junior Member kalaner's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeatherFace8 View Post
    Can you try this one out for me ? Make sure to backup your original files first.

    UFC.Undisputed.3.CFW.EBOOT.FIX.101.EUR-LeatherHead- [BLES01231] NOT TESTED
    Well i did test it and it launched the game, i came to the installing and when it's 18% it freezes my ps3 and a reboot is required, tried again and it stopped on 18% again and i have the BLES01231 version too, i will go and sleep now, soo i will see what we can do tomorrow!

    Anyway thanks for the try, hope you can fix it later maybe

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    i guess i could volunteer. i just don't wanna be the only one cause when it comes to responsibility, I AM TERRIBLE. when i have nothing to do, it's great, but when i actually have to do something, it's not great. somehow i'll shirk this thread even though i visit it everyday

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    Fair enough, if we get at least two more volunteers we will do it up... this way as you mentioned it doesn't all fall on a single person.

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    well, it's like, i'm down to help other people out, but when i have to help other people, somehow it changes and it becomes the most annoying chore in the world

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    I dont mind. Use to do it for another site. And spend a good 12 hours a day on the comp. Been on the site for about 15 hours today in total. But its 2 am here now so i'm off to bed see you's in 6 to 7 hrs.

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    OK so we have two volunteers thus far, anyone else willing to take on the last slot? If so we'll get this party started LOL

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    Need for Speed - Most wanted (BLUS31010) 1.01 Update for CFW3.55

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    This RAR contain:

    -Online PASS & DLC Unlocker PKG by DUPLEX
    -1.01 Update PKG for CFW3.55 by ZOMBIEKILLAH

    Tested by myself & working 10/10 Thanks DUPLEX & ZOMBIEKILLAH

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    anyone have Trials of St. Lucia?

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