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    Junior Member eboot79's Avatar
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    upload please param.sfo original resident evil 6 bles

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    Banned User
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    Please, test and report. I couldnt find BLUS Patch 1.01 as it is removed. I just changed param and game id on BLES package to BLUS and resigned eboot although that wasnt necessary.

    Your game must have original eboot and param. Let MM fix param for you. Install patch and run the game with disk in drive.
    If you are online, then you will get asked for update 1.02. DONT UPDATE, click CIRCLE and game will continue to load.

    RESIDENT EVIL 6 [BLUS30855] PATCH 1.01
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    RESIDENT EVIL 6 [BLES01465] PATCH 1.01 - first link is with 3.55 param, this is 3.41/3.55
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    Banned User
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    PropositionJoe works harder to give us the games we want than sony does. he he he

  4. #5184
    HI ! Any chances for Medal of Honor? Should we wait for proper patch for 3.55 or not?


  5. #5185
    Odd.. eboot 3.41/3.55 fixed works but "Loading"... seems to take forever.

    I didnt tried this patch 1.01 but what does it do ?
    Last edited by anjospot; 10-24-2012 at 09:32 AM

  6. #5186
    any word on borderlands 2 fix for 3.55?

  7. #5187
    This is original patch fix, not eboot fix. This was made long time ago by ASTEAM, and everyone tested said game runs smoother and faster. With eboot fix since it is modified, this maybe the reason why game loads so long. Maybe not structured properly. One byte can make a diff.

    With patch 1.01 FIXED, your game files are intact and whole game is original, eboot aswell, so your game runs as it should. You must copy original eboot back and then install patch 1.01 fixed or you may not see effect.

  8. #5188
    Hi Guys, do you know if we got Okami HD anywhere ?

  9. #5189
    upload param original bles please ^_^

  10. #5190
    Okay.. I will get my original eboot back as I have my backup.. All I have to do is have original eboot back then install patch 1.01 fixed first then go to MM and run this game, right ?

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