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    Banned User
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    Buddy, I made BLES patch 1.06 fixed with NODRM files a week ago. Not one person responded to my clear plead.

    I said please test and report if this patch 1.06 works on BLES FIFA12. Noone posted any info saying if it works on not.

    If you guys had posted some info that EU patch works, I would have posted EURO 12 DLC + ONLINE PASS [BLES01381] the same day.
    Im still waiting.

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    Member PS3Zini's Avatar
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    I no test your fix?? I am registered on the forum today. BLES01381_00-FIFA12_106_PATCHFIX.pkg 29.588 KB Works External HD GAMES folder.

    sorry my English

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    Member PS3Zini's Avatar
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    Please link DLC EURO 2012

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    BLES01381_00-FIFA12_106_PATCHFIX USB/GAMES/BLES01381

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    hey gtav, can you upload the EBOOT.BIN of RE 6 Demo Version? Please, all people want that.

    cmon gtav, upload the EBOOT.BIN archive, and make all people happy. please, do that for the goodness of all people
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    Here is uTorrent FIFA.12.MULTi.12.PS3-Unlimited [BLES01381] Full.

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    Add another one to the wanted list, lol.

    Dishonored.PS3-iNSOMNi, Resident Evil 6 USA PS3-HR
    Last edited by KaInEvIL; 10-06-2012 at 07:36 PM

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    whoever patches dishonored, will surely be honored, especially if they honor us with the patch before the dishonored release date

    oh, and ps3zini, i wasn't asking for the patch, i was just trying to correct your english a bit for others. i don't really play games online.

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    Thanks for the heads up!!!

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    dishonored, resident evil 6, darksiders 2... this would be the man of the day

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