PSN Games Decrypted for PS3 Custom Firmware 3.55 by DUPLEX! - Page 467
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    Contributor navaee's Avatar
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    can you take a look at this and see if you can fix it or not?

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    Contributor FaawZii's Avatar
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    Can you decrypt the new Mw3 update ? [Register or Login to view links]

    And give me all .elf please? thanks

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    Senior Member Blade86's Avatar
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    backup following files from ur working (fixed) 121-version:


    Update to 1.22
    Edit param.sfo in game folder (NOT GAMEZ) using editor on PC to change 4.00 to 3.40
    restore ur prior backuped files:


    Play on PSN.

    NOT TESTED WITH 122. i did it on 121 when it came out. Im gonna try this l8, when im at my ps3, just wanted to share info first.


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    And I can't have .elf from 122 ?

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    I dont have it sorry & i cannot decrypt the .BIN & .SELFs because they are encrypted with 4.xx keys.

    Just wanted 2 give n idea how to play mw3 online until a proper fix comes out...

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    You're Right Except for OnLine The PSN is Good but XBOX360 is better its not cost for nothing Microsoft has better network than Sony i'm PS Fans since PSone but i have to admit the reality.

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    Would be nice if we could move the "xbox vs ps" topic to another thread & keep this one only on "game decrypting" & "fixes"...
    No offence, just meant it supportive

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    yeah you're right i understand i just wanted to tell that he's wrong in one thing that's all and thanks for your advice i appreciate it.

    anyway is anyone managed to play Naruto Generations Online ? it works ?

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    Anyone got Double Dragon Neon? Looking forward also for just released game, MARVEL VS CAPCOM Origins (MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 1)


    Any luck for TEKKEN TAG 2 US? My friend told me that EUR game+fix is already released...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dovez0 View Post
    could you please reupload rar8? i've tried getting it but it doesn't download and stays at 0.


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