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    thanks for the games you are awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxDM View Post
    I can't PM you the forum isn't letting me at all..
    You can now, (2) posts are required which you have met so you should be all set as I ran the UserGroup updater a few minutes ago.

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    babyjoe00069 - dude can you upload only US version (filefactory or mediafire)? the both US and EUR version links is very big files to dl

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    any chance for Tekken Tag 2?

    Hi. anyone here have the = Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL [BLUS-30834] CFW 3.55 Fix ?
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    thanks big time properjoe gonna check if i can play this version online with Fckpsn! it wasn't possible with blackotoos version of the game! maybe he pack them in another way or maybe its Fckpsn!

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    Here you go:

    Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL USA CFW3.40 UPDATE PATCH 1.01 (BLUS30834)

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjoe00069 View Post
    I know many of you wanted ASURA'S WRATH DLC so here you go. Decided to upload the us and euro version all in one.
    thanks for uploading the dlc. can you upload both patches on different link i already have all the dlc. i don't want to download all of them again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pr0p0sitionJOE View Post
    OK, here is a couple of games asked to get fixed. I dont have much time but I squeezed these two.
    Thanks for this!! I'll finally play this game in HD !!

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    This may be old but i'm trying to get Castlevania Lord of shadow DLC, but when i try to install the Reverie i got error 800029564

    i don't know if this is useful but i download it here:

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    hey propjoe do you still have the links to the LA NOIRE DLC and the fix of that? I will appreciate it if you will post the links here. Thank you very much. Kudos to all of the devs who made the PS3 scene alive again.