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    Quote Originally Posted by bluewolfknight View Post
    Hi propjoe. I would like to ask, How would I make proper fix for Legend of Dragoon. I have the game but it was in Japanese Language. Thanks.

    Or better yet, could you please make a proper fix for all of us here? i'm willing to upload the game or just the fix.
    I fixed Legend of Dragoon US region over 2 months ago already. English language and game made for western region. Here:

    LEGEND OF DRAGOON (NPUI94491) release by propJOE & jadekitten
    Full game:
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    FIX 3.41/3.55:
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    Have fun.

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    Jhonny, is it possible to fix The Amazin Spiderman nowadays? or do you need something still unreleased? Thanks!

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    Lollipop chainsawwwww

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hernaner28 View Post
    Jhonny, is it possible to fix The Amazin Spiderman nowadays? or do you need something still unreleased? Thanks!
    I think that one was never released as backup game with dongle patch, only on those special disks as I recall.

    Unless someone got that disk so we can dump it as that guy did with Batman AC few months back, I don't believe it can be fixed. Actually, I'm not even sure what FW is that game, but since noone did the fix till now I guess its higher then 3.60.

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    Joe... do you know if there will be some news about Fifa12 fix ??? (not PSN version) ...thanks for all your help

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    I hope they fix jak and daxter collection. Thanks!

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    Jhonny, can you take a look at the twisted metal DUPLEX release when you get a chance. Sounds are not working properly with random crashes requiring hard resets. Thanks Again!

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    Hey Johnny, was there ever a $ony link to Resident Evil Code Veronica HD? If so, would you mind throwing me the link?

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    Hey Johnny, can you please fix Final Fantasy XIII-2 eboot? The one made by the chinese hacker is full of bugs. I know you're nice and helpful and i really want to play the full game. Thanks in advance.

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    I'm wondering if they ever fix ssx

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