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    Sep 2011
    I finally made Disgaea 4 to work in 3.55 but, the DLCs are not fixed... ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shinji1982 View Post
    The 1.4 GB is the Game. The 6 MB file is only the Fix!
    How is that? I have the game ftp d to my ps3. Its like 4.5gb

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    Can you re-up on the Jak and Daxter 1+2+3 HD fixes? the links went down

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    Yes bro, i have same question. Rayman Origins PSN version just 1.4GB but Retail disc version 4.5GB. Is there anything missing in PSN version,bros..? And is there any DLC link for Rayman Origins..?

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    I don't know. Possibly they have multiple languages on the retail discs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raspberyl View Post
    I finally made Disgaea 4 to work in 3.55 but, the DLCs are not fixed... ?
    How did you do this? I wasn't able to make it work... Always getting that 8001003C error ><

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    to shinintendo: for skyrim. i had BLES1329 as well. i just used BLUS update on it and changed the param.sfo to BLUS. then installed the BLUS fix. everything works ok.

    a question to update the games that were previously hacked, like dragon age II for example.. we should update the game, then take the updated eboot and decrypt it?
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    on the 2 worlds 2 update the txt file says update the game in order from 2.00 to 2.01 to 2.02 yet the links provided to download, have the 2.1 update twice then the 2.02 update, no 2.0 update can someone post the 2.0 update please?

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    Finally, after much of sweat and tears, I got Skyrim's music working. The solution was simple: copy the game to PS3 internal.

    For some reason the game didn't install the necessary files needed for the music on the external, but on internal, the game install went from 0% to 100% without a problem. Now to get back to mah Skyrim.

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    Jak and Daxter 1, 2, 3 HD fixes:

    Please read before download: Those fixes went from pr0p0sitionJOE aka johnnymandli, i just re-upload those fixes. He wrote this: I already removed files yesterday and I announced the problem with JAK.

    Btw, like I said, JAK 1,2,3 works for me, and I got some reports that JAK 2 & 3 works fine, only JAK 1 is not working. Anyway, I removed all JAK files until game is fixed for everyone to use.