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    Senior Member Natepig's Avatar
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    This is the biggest thing to happen in a long time in my opinion, I really hope the ones released so far are just a taster and the rest are on the way. Massive props to Duplex on this as I only thought that they were rippers until they released the sdk and now this.

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    Forum Moderator PS3 News's Avatar
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    Agreed... both Duplex and JoHNAaRoN (for the 3.6 SDK) definitely deserve props in my book also for reigniting the PS3 scene once again.

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    Contributor danton90's Avatar
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    The Scene is on fire today! First this, then the PSX backup support via burned CDs hidden in the new Multiman! Mega props all round!

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    MOAR! GAMES LIKE SCOTT PILGRIMM! These are fine for the start, I hope they will something else, like Hard Corps.

    Way to go, lads! I praise you - hope you're see this message.

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    Show us some PS1 actions Final Fantasy 7-10 Resident Evil and so on

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    will this work on dlc mainly rockband/guitar hero content?

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    Great work guys!!

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    About time someone tried to keep the PS3 scene alive and release something.

    Lets hope they don't just stop at PSN games and release a method to play all newer games.

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    I'm looking at this like,"WTF? AT ONE TIME!!!" WOW! Good work DUPLEX.

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    This should keep me busy for a while.

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