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    Thanks Willo

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    PS3 CFW ARCH CEX 4.60 Version No-Spoof Build RC1 is Released

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    Following up on PS3 CFW CEX ARCH 4.55 Build RC2 and their CFW ARCH 4.55 Build RC1-[noBD-Version], today French PlayStation 3 developers Dev-Team-SPT / ARCH via arachetous have returned with PS3 CFW ARCH CEX 4.60 Version No-Spoof Build RC1 for Custom Firmware users with details below.

    Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] (Mirror)

    MD5 Hash: C48EF5806B6FA8757D84F1DBCBEA0765

    To quote, roughly translated: PS3 CFW ARCH CEX 4.60 Version No-Spoof Build RC1

    Features Build RC1:
    • Made out of 4.60 ofw
    • Option install_package_file and app_home and are in a stealth folder named PlayStation 3
    • Patch reactpsn (use latest version)
    • Supports InGame XMB ScreenShot Feature
    • Supports Remote Play

    Patch Alphabetical:
    • Patch lv0 to disable CoreOS ECDSA checking
    • Patch lv2 to add peek & poke support
    • Patch lv1 to disable lv2 protection
    • It can run games signed with keys 4.60 (original backup game)
    • Can be updated over any CFW 4.x or 3.x or Official 3.55 max.
    • Patch no BT & BD
    • RSOD bypass
    • This CFW is stable
    • Patch compatibility PSP / PS2 / PS1 remaster or Mini
    • QA flag enabled by default if ps3 was QA on 3.55
    • Possibility of downgrade with CFW downgrader
    • Compatible with any model PS3 (fat or slim)

    Note: It is better to install the CFW from recovery mode.

    PS3 CFW ARCH CEX 4.60 Version No-Spoof Build RC1 is Released

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    arch you are the best

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    Does this support broken blue ray drive payloads?

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    ARCH CFW Not loading games

    Soo I just installed 4.60 ARCH cfw. When I try to launch my game (even from disk) I get this FFFFFFFF error. Wtf is that? Never seen that before...

    Any help?

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    Here comes help , install other CFW , all 4.60cfw are buggy.

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    I just installed this over Habib's, seems to be really better in terms of looks of a CFW.

    i didn't test the online yet but some issues still remains the same for Fat Ps3 users.

    The blackscreen with multiman still there seems to me like all 4.60 cfw's have this issue with Fat devices.. but something that changed for me was ability to play some games that weren't running on habib's.

    I'm using Gamesonic manager which solve the problem with black screen also some games needs to be on internal drive in order to run.

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    Does the SEN enabler works on 4.55 cfw?

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    PSN tested no problem so far although nothing improved for fat devices.

    still no online gaming and getting errors after updates (80010038, FFFFFFFF)

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