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    Hello with all,

    I holds to clarify certain points, the patch included in this CFW are not by all provides in PS3MFW (patch ps1, does not exist, and patch NO_Check functions that if I modify file TCL me even on Rebug Base).

    The image of the coldboot is of my realization, the audio east took on Internet and I like it, it is for that that it is there.
    The category has the homebrew Channel comes from file XML and RCO on the basis of an already existing base. (nothing very complicated it inside and not time to delay me above it).

    It is always easy to criticize the work of the others. If you do not like, and pass your road, are not made you to like this CFW!
    But at least it has the merit to exist and bring some additions interesting.

    To download it here the new bond: [Register or Login to view links]
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    Edit, I've attached the 38 tcl files I have here if anyone want them.

    Task I have are:


    Anyone got anymore cool ones to share?
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Salvation to all,

    you will not find the TCL compatibility ps1, i chnage the files manually. In PS3MFC) dialing you can open the dev_flash, then push your changes and then close the pup. The patch TCL no_check that you is non-functional for the Cfw Rebug, it must edit it manually. Then, not to say that I work with Tcl !!!

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    Ah yes, swapping dev_flash files, can be done manually by adding "pause" to the task or by using change_devflash_files.tcl . I see.

    Can you explain more about "Thurs psx" and what it does?

    Are you planning to release some tcl files for your mods or just PUP files?

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    sorry testers, i have not had time to fix the ps3. well to say the truth i have only one hand right now and soldering would be hard to do. My little girl slammed the door on my hand on accident (so she says) but have to keep it wrapped up into this weekend.

    it is not broke but they had to wrap it up to stop the bleeding. so i will get going on this as soon as i can take the wrap off. thanks and will keep you updated.

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    PS3 CFW CEX Arch 4.21 Beta Custom Firmware is Now Released

    Following up on their previous release, French developers Dev-Team-SPT / ARCH have released a PS3 CFW CEX Arch 4.21 Beta Custom Firmware for those with flashers who don't mind experimenting.

    To quote, roughly translated: To install this CFW you need to be on Firmware 3.55.

    Beta version features:
    • Bluedisk Core_OS patched CFW to 4.25 OFW aim_spu_module.self
    • Consistent backup games 4. + Or original games
    • SEN original connection
    • Spoof 04.25
    • Compatible FckPSN
    • Ca.cer version 4.25 (except CA27.cer)

    How install:

    • Do not install if the console has received a downgrade earlier
    • Do not install console-DEX
    • Install OFW from 3:55

    • Download and install the official firmware 3.55: [Register or Login to view links]
    • Prepare a USB stick formatted in FAT32 and create a folder called PS3, then in that same folder, create another one called "UPDATE" in which to copy the file (PUPs should be renamed PS3UPDAT.PUP).
    • Connect the USB to the console and turn it on.
    • Install 3.55 OFW through the XMB
    • Once the firmware is istallatoo, download and unzip CFW 4.21 Arch
    • Replace the PS3 folder on your USB stick into one file provided by the CFW Arch 4.21: [Register or Login to view links] ([Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links])
    • Connect the USB stick to the USB port furthest to the right of your console and start the console in recovery mode
    • Select option 6 (System Update), and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
    • Once finished, enjoy the CFW 4.21.

    Update: They have now released (via ps3-solution-pour-tous.doomby.com/blog/news-ps3/cfw-arch-4-21-finale-version-0-1-for-all-ps3.html) PS3 CFW Arch CEX 4.21 Final v0.1 for both PS3 Fat and Slim consoles (above) for those interested!

    PS3 CFW CEX Arch 4.21 Beta Custom Firmware is Now Released

    PS3 CFW CEX Arch 4.21 Beta Custom Firmware is Now Released

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Are there anyone try using CFW CEX Arch 4.21 Beta ? Is it stable than Rogero 4.21 CFW ?
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    Is just modded Rogero using MFW Builder.

    SPT its just french lamz.

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    its just the same a rogero v1 then? lol.

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    thanks for this, we need a CFW to install over 4.21 OFW not in 3.55, rogero 4.21 is the same thanks...

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