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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    No it won't.

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    I keep getting corrupted data I'm on version 4.00 maybe that's why I don't know.

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    "Patched NO_Check" YAY! Rebug can now be run on 3.56+ downgraded consoles.

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    hmmm no cineva... i may have to get this.

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    no cinavia? If I remember correctly Rebug had the No Cinavia patches even before the standalone patch was available.

    Other than the downgrade check removal, there doesn't seem to be any worthwhile features here, move on folks.

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    Got it installed tonight but didn't have alot of time to mess around with it.

    Note this will not work on 4.00. The only thing that you can do with that is downgrade it (if your ps3 is old enough) and then install this.

    Ok messed around with it for about 10 mins. Turned it off and on again and seen what it looked like on the boot a well rsod. It is time to break out the progskeet and get it fixed. I will do some more testing tomorrow with this to see if it something I did or the Cfw did. Thanks
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    Link dead. File mo longer available

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    Well we'll have to wait for someone who has downloaded it to re-upload it.

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    "The Homebrew Channel" w/ PKG Manager sounds like NFW v3 to me, and the Cinavia patch is useless on this as Cinavia IS already disabled in REBUG, but yah all this can be done through PS3MFW Builder with all the available tcl

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    Can you give me a link for download PS3MFW Builder with all the available tcl??


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