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    PS3 PKG files not working on Kmeaw CFW 3.55

    hi all, i had a ps3 that had the blinking red light problem, and a dead bluray drive, i have managed to fix the ps3 and installed the custom firmware. my problem is that multiman, silent hill psn, blackbox ftp,or any other pkg file wont work.

    when i select one of them all i get is a blank screen, the little green light by the usb port is blinking any ideas anyone thank you.

    ps i have done many ps3's and this is the first time i have had a problem.

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    can you help me am on 4.11 firmware on ps3 i want to downgrade to a working 3.55 cfw firmware. can you send me a download link? thanks

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    A download link of what? Try (if your model is able) to put 2.30 then 3.55 , both OFW, then kmeaw, should fix.

    If you can't, try 3.41 OFW then 3.55. Last hope, try 3.55 OFW then kmeaw. Tell us if fixed.

    p.s. BE sure of your source, about that kmeaw 3.55. Give a shot to rebug 3.55.2
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