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    Arrow OtherOS++ Updated with Support for 256MB NAND PS3 Models

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    Just a brief update for those following, PS3 hacker "Geoffrey Levand" has now made OtherOS++ compatible all PS3 models. From the site: wiki.gitbrew.org/index.php/PS3:OtherOS++

    OtherOS++ ChangeLog:

    • Updated links + updated all packages with latest from glevand.

    • Edited links and updating readmes + tutorials.

    • HDD installation for all models
    • Vlash install methods are depreciated

    • NAND model support added



    PS3 Dual Boot GameOS/Linux CFW 3.41: [Register or Login to view links]
    PS3 Dual Boot GameOS/Linux CFW 3.55: [Register or Login to view links]


    install_otheros.pkg: [Register or Login to view links]
    boot_gameos.pkg: [Register or Login to view links]
    boot_otheros.pkg: [Register or Login to view links]
    reboot.pkg: [Register or Login to view links]
    setup_vflash_for_otheros_fat.pkg: [Register or Login to view links]
    setup_vflash_for_otheros_slim.pkg: [Register or Login to view links]
    dump_flash_ptab.pkg: [Register or Login to view links]

    Petitboot Images

    dtbImage.ps3.bin: [Register or Login to view links]
    dtbImage.ps3.bin.minimal: [Register or Login to view links]

    Scripts + ETC

    initimg.sh: [Register or Login to view links]
    clone.sh: [Register or Login to view links] - clones all repos from git.gitbrew.org/ps3/
    kboot.conf: [Register or Login to view links] - kboot.conf to go in your linux /etc/
    hdd_access.sh: [Register or Login to view links] - hdd access.sh
    restore_vflash.sh: [Register or Login to view links] - restore_vflash.sh
    enable_wlan_on_fat.sh: [Register or Login to view links] - enable_wlan_on_fat.sh

    PS3 Kernels

    PS3 Linux Kernel 060411: [Register or Login to view links] - PS3 Linux Kernel 06/04/11

    • Into HV integrated OtherOS bootloader loader (compatible with OtherOS bootloader on 3.15)
    • OtherOS bootloader is booted directly from HV, no GameOS is involved.
    • Process of booting OtherOS bootloader loader is very similar to 3.15 method
    • Booting Linux from HDD/USB/BD/Network
    • Linux with GameOS rights
    • Full access to all HV SS services (Dispatcher Manager) from GameOS or Linux
    • Full access to all System Manager services
    • Ability to create/modify/remove repository nodes in LPAR 1 (e.g. with ps3dm-utils or ps3hvc-utils).
    • This ability gives you much power over the whole system because many layers of PS3 use repository nodes to exchange information.
    • Enabled QA mode in Update Manager
    • Downgrading without USB dongle or Service Mode
    • Ability to deactivate/activate HDD/VFLASH encryption (e.g. with ps3stor-utils)
    • Support for ps3-utils. You can flash new OtherOS bootloader from Linux e.g.


    Necessary Steps: Package Setup
    OtherOS utils HOWTO by graf_chokolo (grafchokolo@googlemail.com)
    	               glevand (geoffrey.levand@mail.ru)
    Installing OtherOS
    Warning !!! The order of steps 2 and 3 is very important !!!
    1. Run udp_printf_client on your PC to see UDP broadcast debug messages sent by OtherOS utils (optional)
    2. Delete VFLASH region 6 with delete_vflash6
    3. Delete VFLASH region 5 with delete_vflash5
    4. Create VFLASH region 5 with create_vflash5
    5. Create VFLASH region 6 with create_vflash6
    6. Resize VFLASH storage device with resize_vflash.
       All data on HDD will be lost after this step, so make a backup !!!
    7. Reboot GameOS
    8. Create VFLASH region 7 with create_vflash7
    9. Store dtbImage.ps3.bin on USB device, plug it in and store
       petitboot on VFLASH region 5 with install_otheros
    Booting OtherOS
    1. Set OtherOS boot flag on VFLASH region 5 with boot_otheros
    2. Reboot GameOS with reboot
    Booting Linux with petitboot's CUI
    1. Place kboot.conf file in /etc directory of your Linux
    2. Entries contained in the kboot.conf file are showed in petitboot's CUI
    3. Select one entry with keyboard and press 'Enter'
    Example of kboot.conf
    gentoo_vflash=/boot/vmlinux-2.6.38-gf77c53d root=/dev/ps3vflashh2
    gentoo_vflash_hugepages=/boot/vmlinux-2.6.38-gf77c53d root=/dev/ps3vflashh2 hugepages=1
    ooooo   ooooo oooooo     oooo               
    `888'   `888'  `888.     .8'                
     888     888    `888.   .8'          88     
     888ooooo888     `888. .8'           88     
     888     888      `888.8'        8888888888 
     888     888       `888'             88     
    o888o   o888o       `8'              88     
    ooooooooo.    .oooooo..o   .oooo.   
    `888   `Y88. d8P'    `Y8 .dP""Y88b  
     888   .d88' Y88bo.            ]8P' 
     888ooo88P'   `"Y8888o.      <88b.  
     888              `"Y88b      `88b. 
     888         oo     .d8P o.   .88P  
    o888o        8""88888P'  `8bd88P'   
    ooooo         o8o                                      
    `888'         `"'                                      
     888         oooo  ooo. .oo.   oooo  oooo  oooo    ooo 
     888         `888  `888P"Y88b  `888  `888   `88b..8P'  
     888          888   888   888   888   888     Y888'    
     888       o  888   888   888   888   888   .o8"'88b   
    o888ooooood8 o888o o888o o888o  `V88V"V8P' o88'   888o
    Experienced User Install

    Debootstrap Install: [Register or Login to view links]

    Flashing Petitboot from Linux:

    Install ps3-utils
    ps3-flash-util -w

    Partition the PS3 Drive

    1. parted /dev/ps3dd
    2. mklabel gpt
    3. mkpart primary 0 2GB
    4. print
    5. mkpart primary 2GB (the rest of the hard drive here.)
    6. quit

    Install OtherOS on HDD (for all PS3 models)

    All tools are here: [Register or Login to view links]
    	CFW341-OTHEROS++.PUP: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/CFW341-OTHEROS++.PUP	30-May-2011 19:18 	167M	 
    [ ]	CFW355-OTHEROS++-22GB.PUP: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/CFW355-OTHEROS++-22GB.PUP	07-Jun-2011 11:39 	171M	 
    [ ]	CFW355-OTHEROS++.PUP: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/CFW355-OTHEROS++.PUP	30-May-2011 19:19 	171M	 
    [ ]	INSTALL_OTHEROS_ON_HDD: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/INSTALL_OTHEROS_ON_HDD	06-Jun-2011 08:42 	2.0K	 
    [ ]	boot_otheros.pkg: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/boot_otheros.pkg	04-Jun-2011 06:42 	60K	 
    [TXT]	create_hdd_region.sh: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/create_hdd_region.sh	30-May-2011 19:01 	3.8K	 
    [ ]	dtbImage.ps3.bin: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/dtbImage.ps3.bin	04-Jun-2011 11:40 	9.3M	 
    [ ]	dtbImage.ps3.bin.minimal: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/dtbImage.ps3.bin.minimal	04-Jun-2011 11:47 	7.6M	 
    [ ]	dump_flash_ptab.pkg: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/dump_flash_ptab.pkg	06-Jun-2011 08:55 	60K	 
    [TXT]	enable_wlan_on_fat.sh: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/enable_wlan_on_fat.sh	04-Jun-2011 12:22 	1.6K	 
    [DIR]	freebsd/	05-Jun-2011 15:57 	- 
    [TXT]	freebsd-gameos-hdd-region-fsck.txt: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/freebsd/freebsd-gameos-hdd-region-fsck.txt	28-May-2011 07:51 	437 	 
    [TXT]	freebsd-gameos-ufs2-region-write-access.txt: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/freebsd/freebsd-gameos-ufs2-region-write-access.txt	26-May-2011 20:11 	552 	 
    [TXT]	freebsd-hdd-ps3-slim-dmesg.txt: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/freebsd/freebsd-hdd-ps3-slim-dmesg.txt	05-Jun-2011 16:05 	3.3K	 
    [ ]	freebsd_ps3_world.tar.gz: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/freebsd/freebsd_ps3_world.tar.gz	05-Jun-2011 08:34 	110M	 
    [ ]	kernel	05-Jun-2011 15:57: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/freebsd/kernel 	8.1M	 
    [ ]	kernel.symbols: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/freebsd/kernel.symbols	05-Jun-2011 16:01 	22M	 
    [ ]	linker.hints: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/freebsd/linker.hints	05-Jun-2011 16:01 	5.3K	 
    [ ]	loader-1080x1920.ps3: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/freebsd/loader-1080x1920.ps3	24-May-2011 19:15 	306K	 
    [TXT]	hdd_access.sh: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/hdd_access.sh 	04-Jun-2011 18:41 	5.9K	 
    [ ]	install_otheros.pkg: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/install_otheros.pkg	30-May-2011 19:23 	61K	 
    [ ]	ps3linux_kernel.tar.bz2: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/ps3linux_kernel.tar.bz2	08-May-2011 09:28 	38M	 
    [ ]	ps3linux_kernel.tar.gz: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/ps3linux_kernel.tar.gz	04-Jun-2011 12:48 	48M	 
    [ ]	reboot.pkg: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/reboot.pkg	04-Jun-2011 06:42 	59K	 
    [TXT]	restore_vflash.sh: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/restore_vflash.sh	04-Jun-2011 07:38 	1.3K	 
    [ ]	setup_flash_for_otheros.pkg: http://7track.org/~glevand/public/setup_flash_for_otheros.pkg	06-Jun-2011 09:15 	60K
    NOTICE: All my tools should beep. If you don't get beep during one of the steps below then stop doing anything and contact me. I will help.


    1. Install my latest CFW [Register or Login to view links] [Register or Login to view links]
    2. When installation is finished, go to recovery menu and choose "Restore PS3 System"
    3. Now your GameOS should use only the half of your HDD (Currently working on a better approach)
    4. Run setup_flash_for_otheros.pkg (for all PS3 models)
    5. Reboot
    6. Store dtbImage.ps3.bin on USB drive, plug it in and run install_otheros.pkg (NAND owners should use dtbImage.ps3.bin.minimal, rename it to dtbImage.ps3.bin). Try different USB ports if you don't get any beeps.
    7. Run boot_otheros.pkg
    8. Run reboot.pkg
    9. You should be in petitboot now. Exit from CUI to shell or switch to another virtual console.
    10. Run script create_hdd_region.sh
    11. Reboot and boot petitboot again
    12. You should see now new HDD device on petitboot, /dev/ps3dd. That's your OtherOS HDD region. Don't touch any other HDD regions if you don't know what you are doing. Use only ps3dd device for your Linux installation. Use parted to partition it and create GPT partition table on ps3dd. GPT is supported by both, Linux and FreeBSD.

    Be warned, if you damage your GameOS HDD region, GameOS will reformat HDD and remove your Linux HDD region in the process. You have to do the above steps again. Don't mess with GameOS HDD region and GameOS won't mess with your OtherOS HDD region.

    For users who installed OtherOS on VFLASH region 7 previously

    You have to restore your VFLASH before doing the above steps. Be warned, this step is NOT for NAND owners.

    1. Install my latest petitboot
    2. Boot petitboot
    3. Run script restore_vflash.sh
    4. Reboot. GameOS should reformat your HDD again.

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    Stuck here: 10. Run script create_hdd_region.sh

    How do I do that using a USB??

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    Arrow Gitbrew on FrankenSDK

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    Here is another update from Gitbrew on FrankenSDK via GaryOPA: ps3crunch.net/forum/threads/459-GITBREW?p=4418#post4418

    Recently the developers over at Gitbrew have been working on a number of neat projects around the PS3 Console, and we being in close contact with them, and gotten a preview of something that will make everyone more then happy in PS3 'Scene'!

    We are talking about NPDRM and the v3.60+ problem. -- Previously only those with an official Sony PS3 SDK could do anything, and still in a limited fashion, and recently the developers have been able to use a heavly modified PSL1GHT setup to do the impossible, sign a package for the v3.60+ system!

    What they are calling FrankenSDK, and here is example test output from the project:
    $ make_package_npdrm.exe
    durandal@GIBSON /c/usr/local/cell/samples/util/debug/launcher
    $ make_package_npdrm.exe -c UP0001-TEST00000_00-0000111122223333.pkg
    checking package validity:
    Checker Revision : 1754
    Package Filename : UP0001-TEST00000_00-0000111122223333.pkg
    ContentID        = UP0001-TEST00000_00-0000111122223333
    DRMType          = Free
    ContentType      = GameExec
    PackageFlag      = RenameDirectory (during install for consistency)
    PackageVersion   = 01.00
    # TITLE_ID       : TEST00000
    # CATEGORY       : HG
    # BOOTABLE       : YES
    # VERSION        : 01.00
    # APP_VER        : 01.00
    # PS3_SYSTEM_VER : 03.6000
    # SDK_VERSION    : 03.6000
    # PackageSize    : 1,418,448 bytes
    # QA_Digest      : 0x980A875601D1B8051AB861C1F28872E7
    #                : This is a digest of packaged files and attributes.
    # PackageDigest  : 0xC9C6738644482EB4885880EBB88143AA2DF73A10
    #                : This is sha1 digest of package without last 32 bytes.
    # Packaged by    : make_package_npdrm revision 1754
    Content Information Files:
    (and other 1 directories and 1 files.)
    Package Check Complete.
    durandal@GIBSON /c/usr/local/cell/samples/util/debug/launcher
    All they can add for now regarding the subject is they are working diligently towards opening their tools up to everyone incuding those with the mystery science console 3000 and they are now one step closer to working PUP's for v3.60 and beyond! -- Being able to use an open-source project like PSL1GHT means it will open up the playing field to EVERYONE!
    Following up on it, Sony PS3 hacker ooPo tweeted the following hinting a PSP will be required for the exploit: twitter.com/ooPo/status/102805864506867712
    I imagine the PS3 trusts a PSP in ways it probably shouldn't.
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails


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    request: please could someone upload ps3linux_kernel.tar.bz2 all the links seem to be broken. thanks

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    Here is the ps3linux_kernel.tar.bz2 I had from my PC, not sure if it's the same build but worth a try:

    [Register or Login to view links]

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    this worked fine, but when i boot into debian its asking me for a username then password. could you help?

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    Try using:

    Username: root
    Password: root

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    Just guessing, but did you already try the username as root and "password" or "passwd" (without quotes) for the password?


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