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    PS3 CFW or 3.41 question

    hi, i'm on ofw 3.41 and am considering cfw 3.55... which cfw is best kmeaw? is it worth upgrading from 3.41... sorry for my ignorance.

    thanks for any advice and help.. also where is kmeaw.. i tried search and not sure if i need the pup file only or what.

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    Kmeaw yes, and yes it's worth it: no more hard power/power/eject, no more modded EBOOTs and PARAM.SFOs, practically every homebrew ported, more new and interesting homebrew, it's an all win situation. Just keep the dongle for the Jig.

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    Agreed... 3.55 Kmeaw is the best choice... I was loyal to 3.41, but upgrading to CFW means I dont need to mess with the eboots anymore, and straight copy.

    If you have modified eboots you will need to get the original ones...