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    OFW 3.41 using JB Dongle to CFW 3.41

    Hi Folks,

    Just wondering how to convert from OFW 3.41 using a JB dongle to CFW 3.41. I saw an article for noobs to 3.55 but I would prefer to stay on 3.41. Anyone can help me out or at least point me to a link that can help me do this? Thanks in advance!!

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    it would be better to move on to cfw 3.55... Still if you wanna remain on 3.41 then you just have to download the cfw 3.41 and install it normally as a fw update from xmb.. If it can't be installed from xmb then go into the recovery menu and install it... rep me if i helped..

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    If you want 3.41 then search for hermes 3.41

    That's what I use and have very few issues. I do need to patch games but so does 3.55


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