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    Dec 2010
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    It won't play 3.60 games, unfortunately. It's sad seeing two devs not being able to work together but I guess conflict is just part of human life.

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    Senior Member elser1's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
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    no it won't play games requiring 3.60 ofw as of yet as they don't have the know how to get the keys or if thgey do they won't release the abitliy to.. so no 3.60+ games yet as likely ever.. OK!!

    well i have massive respect for dean and all the work he has done for us with multliman, so all the power to him..

    i hope it can be sorted out as together they would be quite a formidable team..
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    DemonHades has also stated that JFW DH will not be translated to English and will only be released in Spanish.

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    Member LKJHGFDSA's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    I bet we'll be able to convert the 3.56 CFW to work on 3.55.

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    Member BerserkLeon's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    We can run backups and homebrew, and the backups are without a manager... and that's apparently it? Seems like a much shorter list than the first post.

    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    Well DemonHades has stated that multiMAN will not work on JFW DH, DemonHades has done this purposely because he doesn't like Deank.
    Stupid wars should not be a part of programming. Also if it's not going to be in English I'm probably not going to even bother with it. I know his beta is spanish only and that's understandable... but the final release, why no other languages? Blaming the language for all the whiners or something?

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    Member NN33NN's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Sucks if JW only gone be in spanish...

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    Senior Member HeyManHRU's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    We still might be able to translate it to English. Hopefully.

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    Apr 2005

    PS3 Custom Firmware JFW DH CFW Translators at DemonHades

    Today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer DemonHades has announced that they are now seeking JFW DH CFW translators for the upcoming PS3 Custom Firmware release [Register or Login to view links].

    To quote, roughly translated: We are looking for translators for the JFW DH.

    Hi all demons: As you know some, DH JFW output gets closer more and that is why we need translators, because the team does not know all languages, for anyone who wants to collaborate, you must translate a Spanish language file from the user wishes, in this case English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, etc..

    From the beginning we thought it translated into several languages, but the problem is that we do not know all languages, that is why we ask our users to do so themselves, to collaborate and JFW DH output is not affected.

    Once translated file should be written in a comment.

    Without further ado, here is the file to translate:
    Translate Edit, JFW DH
       Acceder al sistema
       <Text name="msg_power_off_console2"><[!CDATA[★Apagar el JFW DH]]></Text>
    <Text name="msg_scan_mediaserver"><![CDATA[★ Buscar en PC]]></Text>
    <Text name="msg_playlists"><![CDATA[★ Listas de reproducción]]></Text>
    <Text name="msg_tool_install_file"><![CDATA[★ Instalar PKGs]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file2"><![CDATA[★ Roms de Emuladores]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file3"><![CDATA[★ Plugins TheGrid]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file4"><![CDATA[★ Isos PlayStation3]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file5"><![CDATA[★ PKGs OpenPStore]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file6"><![CDATA[★ Isos USB PlayStation3]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file7"><![CDATA[★ SPRX Flash]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file8"><![CDATA[★ SELF Flash]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file9"><![CDATA[★ Isos PlayStation PSP]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file0"><![CDATA[★ Isos PlayStation1]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_filea"><![CDATA[★ Isos PlayStation2]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_fileb"><![CDATA[★ BD Movie Isos]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_filec"><![CDATA[★ DVD Movie Isos]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_filed"><![CDATA[★ Licencias PSN]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_filee"><![CDATA[★ HDD1]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_smc"><![CDATA[★ SuperNintendo]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_gg"><![CDATA[★ GameGear]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_gbc"><![CDATA[★ GameBoyColor]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_gba"><![CDATA[★ GameBoyAdvance]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_com"><![CDATA[★ Comprimidos]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_zip"><![CDATA[★ Mame]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_rar"><![CDATA[★ NeoGeo]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_smd"><![CDATA[★ Megadrive]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_pce"><![CDATA[★ PCEngine]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_gb"><![CDATA[★ GameBoy]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_sms"><![CDATA[★ MasterSystem]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_nes"><![CDATA[★ NintendoNes]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_adf"><![CDATA[★ Amiga]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_bin"><![CDATA[★ Binarios]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_iso"><![CDATA[★ Imagenes ISO]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_inst"><![CDATA[★ Instalar PKGs OpenPStore]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_borr"><![CDATA[★ Eliminar PKGs OpenPStore]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_gest_ext"><![CDATA[★ Gestionar Medios Externos]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_gest_pic"><![CDATA[★ Imagenes]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_gest_mus"><![CDATA[★ Musica]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_gest_vid"><![CDATA[★ Videos]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_gest_int"><![CDATA[★ Gestionar Medios Internos]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_app_home_ps3_game"><![CDATA[★ Virtual BDH ]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_playlist_mus"><![CDATA[★ Listas de Musica]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_playlist_pic"><![CDATA[★ Listas de Imagenes]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_playlist_psp_pic"><![CDATA[★ Listas de Imagenes PSP]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_playlist_psp_mus"><![CDATA[★ Listas de Musica PSP]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_playlist_add_mus"><![CDATA[★ Crear nueva lista de Musica]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_playlist_add_pic"><![CDATA[★ Crear nueva lista de Imagenes]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_mediaserver_cat"><![CDATA[★ Contenidos de PC ]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_mediaserver_pic"><![CDATA[★ Listado de Imagenes]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_mediaserver_mus"><![CDATA[★ Listado de Musica ]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_mediaserver_vid"><![CDATA[★ Listado de Peliculas]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_internal_cat"><![CDATA[★ Datos Internos HDD]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_internal_pic"><![CDATA[★ Listado de Imagenes]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_internal_mus"><![CDATA[★ Listado de Musica ]]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_internal_vid"><![CDATA[★ Listado de Peliculas]]></Text>
    Thank you all!

    PS3 Custom Firmware JFW DH CFW Translators at DemonHades

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Contributor djtom1's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Here is another..
    Translate Edit, JFW DH , POLAND, POLISH, djtom
       Zaluguj się do systemu
       <Text name="msg_power_off_console2">[CDATA[★Wyłącz JFW DH]></Text>
    <Text name="msg_scan_mediaserver">[CDATA[★ Szukaj komputerów PC]></Text>
    <Text name="msg_playlists">[CDATA[★ Listy odtwarzania]></Text>
    <Text name="msg_tool_install_file">[CDATA[★ Zainstaluj PKG]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file2">[CDATA[★ ROMy dla Emulatorów]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file3">[CDATA[★ Pluginy do gier]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file4">[CDATA[★ ISO dla PlayStation3]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file5">[CDATA[★ PKG z OpenPStore]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file6">[CDATA[★ ISO z USB dla PlayStation3]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file7">[CDATA[★ Flaszowanie SPRX]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file8">[CDATA[★ Flaszowanie SELF]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file9">[CDATA[★ ISO z PlayStation PSP]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_file0">[CDATA[★ ISO z PlayStation1]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_filea">[CDATA[★ ISO z PlayStation2]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_fileb">[CDATA[★ ISO filmu BlueRay]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_filec">[CDATA[★ ISO filmu DVD]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_filed">[CDATA[★ Licencja PSN]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_install_filee">[CDATA[★ Dysk twardy HDD1]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_smc">[CDATA[★ SuperNintendo]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_gg">[CDATA[★ GameGear]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_gbc">[CDATA[★ GameBoyColor]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_gba">[CDATA[★ GameBoyAdvance]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_com">[CDATA[★ Comprimidos]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_zip">[CDATA[★ Mame]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_rar">[CDATA[★ NeoGeo]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_smd">[CDATA[★ Megadrive]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_pce">[CDATA[★ PC]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_gb">[CDATA[★ GameBoy]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_sms">[CDATA[★ MasterSystem]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_nes">[CDATA[★ NintendoNes]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_adf">[CDATA[★ Amiga]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_bin">[CDATA[★ Binaria]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_iso">[CDATA[★ Obraz ISO]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_inst">[CDATA[★ Instaluj PKG z OpenPStore]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_borr">[CDATA[★ Usuń PKG z OpenPStore]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_gest_ext">[CDATA[★ Zarządzanie zewnętrznymi mediami]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_gest_pic">[CDATA[★ Zdjęcia]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_gest_mus">[CDATA[★ Muzyka]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_gest_vid">[CDATA[★ Wideo]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_gest_int">[CDATA[★ Zarządzanie wewnętrznymi mediami]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_tool_app_home_ps3_game">[CDATA[★ Wirtualne BDH ]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_playlist_mus">[CDATA[★ Lista odtwarzania muzyki]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_playlist_pic">[CDATA[★ Lista zdjęć]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_playlist_psp_pic">[CDATA[★ Lista zdjęć PSP]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_playlist_psp_mus">[CDATA[★ Lista muzyki PSP]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_playlist_add_mus">[CDATA[★ Utwórz nową listę odtwarzania muzyki]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_playlist_add_pic">[CDATA[★ Utwórz nową listę zdjęć]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_mediaserver_cat">[CDATA[★ Zawartość na PC ]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_mediaserver_pic">[CDATA[★ Lista zdjęć]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_mediaserver_mus">[CDATA[★ Lista muzyki]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_mediaserver_vid">[CDATA[★ Lista filmów]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_internal_cat">[CDATA[★ Dane wewnętrznego dysku HDD]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_internal_pic">[CDATA[★ Lista zdjęć]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_internal_mus">[CDATA[★ Lista muzyki]></Text>
       <Text name="msg_internal_vid">[CDATA[★ Lista filmów]></Text>

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    Oct 2010
    i am very impatient... LOL


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