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    Getting DLC after softmodding on Kmeaw CFW

    Hey, I want to buy DLC for FO LV for which I own an original copy obv, I have Kmeaw custom firmware though, so I figure that won't work? How do I remove the CFW and what risks are involved?

    Also, since the whole PSN hack I haven't been on PSN and I'm sure I've forgotten my PSN passwords, secret questions, etc. Can I just set up a new account?

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    If you go back to OFW and go online you will be fine. as far as new account that will work but i think you can recover your password via email (if you know the address you signed up with). Make a new account if thats the route you want to go, but you will not have anything you had on your old account (DLC, Minis, ect)