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    Senior Member mamu's Avatar
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    Hi, thank you for reporting this bug! I've fixed toxpack, now it can correctly repack all files.

    By the way, the game only uses the installed data files. You don't have to reinstall the game every time, just replace the installed data with your repacked files.
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    Junior Member Kai Kiske's Avatar
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    Thumbs Up Thank you very much!

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    Yeees! I'm now overwhelmed with emotions! Thank you very much! I'll test the new version soon!

    I read your same advice at previous pages but when i do that with previous toxpack the game don't recognize any changes and run like i don't do anything until i repack this files in iso.

    I extracted files, edited file with start options (speed message, volume, difficulty, etc), repacked them back, copy this files via FTP on internal HDD in ToX install data folder, run game and... game work as should be but i saw no changes.

    I hope new version of toxpack will work as needed.

    If you do not mind, I'd like to ask another question before i'd start to work under translation.

    I know that ToX uses UTF-8 encoding and support english, japanese, french, german, spanish and italian symbols but i don't know - game fonts support сyrillic symbols? If not then in which files located fonts? I need to add cyrillic support in ordinary text (options, skits, cutscenes) and decorative text (locations name, left options in game menu: artes, skills, library, event log, etc).

    If you help me it would be wonderful!
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    Senior Member mamu's Avatar
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    The font file includes cyrillic letters, so it should work. Most of the text is in the SDB... files, and some textures (TOTEX) contain text too (like the button layout screen). There is menu text (item names, menu options, ...) in the eboot too.

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    Another bug report. What is works:

    1. I fully extracted files, edit 0145533.SDBENG file, save this file, fully repack FILEHEADER.TOFHDB and TLFILE.TLDAT and replace this files in install data. Game works and supports cyrillic symbols without editing fonts. That's great!

    What doesn't work:

    1. Partial repack. If i edit 0145533.SDBENG (or another one, it's not important), save and after that partially repack this file then game is freezes on Namco Bandai logo.

    2. Functions rehead and redata don't work. When i tried to use them on my PC with Windows 7 i got this messages (see first 3 images). When i tried to use them on my brothers PC with Windows XP nothing happened.

    3. If open file 0145581.SDBENG in SDB Editor 1.5, edit some words and save file (or don't do it and just save file), close SDB Editor and then again open this file in SDB Editor i got many warning message like an images which i attached.

    What is this warning messages? It is not important or it is bug of program?
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    Thank you, I've fixed the problems in SDBEdit. Some files contain empty pages which were not saved correctly; the new version should work fine.

    I'm checking the toxpack bugs now.
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    mamu That's great! Thank you!

    By the way, you fixed some bugs but why you not update version number to 1.52?

    About bug number 1, additional bug report:

    I tried to repack some edited SDBENG files (i attached them in archive) and got new error message from Windows 7. I hope this will help you in fixing bugs of toxpack
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    Hm I'm pretty sure the previous version of SDBEdit was 1.50. Anyway, I've fixed the bugs and added some new features to toxpack:

    You can now extract individual files and file ranges too. For example, you can tell that you want file 10567 and all files between 456 and 789.

    This can be combined with filters. Also you can now auto-answer 'yes' when the program asks something. See the help text for more info.

    I've also fixed some typos and improved the status display of the program.
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    Partially repack didn't work... playstation 3 freezes on Namco logo. Also fully repack are broken now -_-"

    In toxpack v1.52 fully repack works fine with this edited files. I attached edited files and screenshot.
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    I downloaded TLZC Decompressor, I tried to re-import the edited texture, he told me that the re-import was done, but the file is identical to the original ...

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Does someone already managed or is not possible?

    I have done this with a bat file:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    ryu71 I downloaded TLZC Decompressor and decompress all needed SDBENG files, edited them and just repack back to game files. Re-import is not needed if i clearly understand about what you are talking.

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