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    I just want to clarify that this isn't an Eboot fix, but it's just the [Register or Login to view links] (which originally contains the 3.60 keys) decrypted for 3.55 CFW users.

    So they've essentially used the 3.60+ NPDRM keys which was used to decrypt PSN games on the game update enabling it to work.
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    Thanks for the update HeyManHRU and +Rep! Unfortunately we can't change the title as that messes things up on the backend but I will note that in the first post now.

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    An update decrypted for 3.55 eh... *lightbulb* Let's see now...

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    If using the npdrm keys is looked at in hindsight as a mistake, don't count on too many future disc-based games being 'adapted'.

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    This is great news. No CFW but if DUPLEX keep releasing these fixes that's good enough.

    BTW, Resistance 3's update is also 3.60 so I'm guessing there should be a patch coming soon for that too.

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    What you mean? If works as external? Dunno, maybe someone tried? At worst, you could need a BD mirror, with Multiman

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    Here's what I don't get...

    The content already contained the PSN handshake, but it needs to run on 3.55... Well isn't that why we made it able to read unsigned code? , so wouldn't it have already worked to some degree...

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    Well, maybe they released it now, because busy doing something else.. Every day something new to read from them, maybe just a matter of time They release for free, not paid, am i wrong

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    Oh boy, now you can spend more time downloading the game than playing its terrible campaign. It lasts less than 5 hours. This game is 95% online, none of which is accessible.

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    What? Use XBSlink. So I've heard and seen it allows you to play online. >.>

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