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    Poll Worth it to wait for PS4 Slim ?

    So, the PS4 is around the corner. As usual, Sony should be releasing the Slim model. Should we wait for the Slim, or buy the phat right after the launch? I hope that phat model won't be some Blue Touchpad of Death victim

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    Waiting for a PS4 slim might take up to 3 or more years. The PS4 will not have overheating issues like the PS3 and Xbox as the CPU and GPU are on the same die (chip) now and a 32nm process or lower will be used to make the chips.

    The new slim PS3 uses 32nm for the CPU and 28nm for the GPU. The best time to purchase a PS4 is when a game you want to play is released on it.

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    Sony looks to be correcting the mistakes they made with the PS3 launch, I would imagine the hardware will not suffer the same appalling failure rate. If your into gaming I don't know how its possible to wait 2-3 years for a hardware revision, i'm super excited to get one at launch!!

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    I never get systems at launch. I don't like getting angry later when I find a great deal. I do get all the systems eventually. Also, the reason for me not getting at launch might be just the fact I don't have money a lot...

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    well i normally get all the systems at a later time after the launch not exactly the same time and like the ps2 the fat was better than the slim to me bcz of the lens problem for me and for the fat ps3 like the backward compatibility model was great depending on which one you got.

    some tend to not have certain features bcz of that and the slim ps3 well to me it was great other than the fact it didnt have the bc feature bcz unlike the previous model sony fix some issues that you would experience in the fat ps3 bt in the end we will see if the ps4 is worth it or the slim is worth the wait.