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    Very cool and +Rep PSGamer24 I will add it to the main article. I also added a few revisions from xerpi of his own PS4 PUP Extractor there too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSGamer24 View Post
    Compiled the pup extractor
    As I was about to go and do so, you saved me a bit of time

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    it would seem the links from mega are up and stable i just finished downloading the normal version of the .pup (not the recovery version) from [Register or Login to view links] and i'm still getting the recovery version from [Register or Login to view links]

    if the md5's don't match what it says in the post you have a problem because it was posted to this topic as a link and i think they are correct.

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    Sweet update! Though not sure if anyone else really noticed this: looking at the screenshots, it appears to be firmware 1.00, not 1.50, as the XML data specifically states 1.00 throughout and the PUP version states 100 in the HEX code. Also considering it was only up for a very short time before being removed almost immediately. Unless it was just a placeholder. Just a thought.

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    Interesting Zarod, if so that could explain why Sony was so quick to pull it perhaps...

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    I just noticed the background music player. great so now we will have even more 10 yr olds playing too loud hip hop (because they are kool) while ya trying to play lol

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    I wonder if there was a fault/vulnerability if was pulled so quickly , $ony made quite few stupid mistakes in past that led to fully open system

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    The unpacker is not good.

    The "crypted content size" of PS4UPDATE4.PUP should be 0x7A3BFE81.
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    Sony = fail!!!

    SONY = FAIL!!! Haha!

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    Wow thanks I wasn't expecting my extractor to be published

    Btw, this moring I've improved it a bit. Now it follows some recommendations made by flatz on the IRC.

    v3 Source: pastebin.com/raw.php?i=D6ExNWDw

    [Register or Login to view code]

    v3 Linux 64 bit executable: [Register or Login to view links]
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