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    Zipper Interactive Announces MAG v1.07 Hits PS3 in Early August

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    Update: The MAG PS3 update patch version 1.07 is now live- as always, details are below for those who missed them the first time!

    Zipper Interactive Sr. Community Manager Jeremy Dunham has announced today that MAG v1.07 hits PS3 in early August, 2010.

    To quote: If you consider yourself the type of person who likes getting new video game features for free, then our next MAG patch - version 1.07, due in early August - is definitely something for you.

    Yes friends, in just over a week from now, players will be treated to a number of features that you've been asking us for all summer in addition to a few surprises. Like what, you ask? Like these:

    - A new "Happy Hour" Double XP bonus that's applied to the first hour of any player's gameplay session in a 24-hour period.
    - Suppression will join Sabotage as a "Faction Neutral" gameplay mode, allowing any PMC to battle each other on any Suppression map.
    - Faster download and patching code that allows us to update MAG with more content and bigger file sizes in a speedier way.
    - Redesigned versions of the Flores Basin (Raven) and Alyeska Terminus (Valor) Domination maps that include new obstacles and repaired exploits.
    - New lighting effects for more attractive and realistic environments.
    - Various fixes to address bugs or glitches to improve MAG's overall performance.

    Of course, there are a number of other additions and fixes coming with [Register or Login to view links] v1.07, but the points listed above should whet your appetites while you wait for the full list of changes closer to the update.

    Watch this space for patch details next week and, as always, let us know what you think of these modifications on our [Register or Login to view links].

    Zipper Interactive Announces MAG v1.07 Hits PS3 in Early August

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    Nice.. MAG best shooter ever.. The only shooter that gets support at all time.. Call of Duty -> wacht and learn this isnt a 2 map download and forget about youre cllients. Mag is the real thing ... its being upgraded since the start and will continue.

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