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    Mar 2007
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    PS3 Square Button Weird OtherOS behavior

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    Any idea why the PS3OS can see all 250GB of my HDD that I am using as my main HDD via eSATA adaptor but when I try to install linux it reports /dev/sda as 4MB?

    I have 10GB for PS3OS and the rest for OtherOS.

    While trying to get this to work I ran into some weird OtherOS problems. It wouldn't recognize the "boot-game-os" command by itself. It gave me the following error.
    kboot: boot-game-os
    other-os-flash-util [-b|-B] [-g|-r] flash_device [boot_loader_img]
    other-os-flash-util -s flash_device
    other-os-flash-util -d flash_device
      -s show current settings
      -d print difference of clock time between game os and linux
      -b change boot flag: boot game os
      -B change boot flag: boot linux
      -g change boot loader format flag : compressed by gzip
      -r change boot loader format flag : not compressed
    ERROR: can't change boot flag
    Thanks for any help.

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    If I'm not mistaken it should have given you an error # followed by a description.

    Holding the power for 5 will return to the gameos.
    (I'll look through the source and see if I can figure things out from here...you're best be is just reinstalling the otheros...unless someone here has some objection to that (thinks its a possible mod (which I don't)))

    It might not have formated it properly and is accessing the ps3 hard too.
    ls -a /dev/sda:
    with colon that might give you an answer...that should be the ram disk
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    Perhapse there's a possibility that linux recognized the wrong drive, maybe taking out any usb drives etc during install in addition to resetting and/or reformating will fix the problem.


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