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For some reason, sex and Rock Band don't associate themselves in my mind, but I suppose even bananas and masking tape can look sexy if placed in the right situation. Enter [Register or Login to view links], in which you can win the new Rock Band bundle along with two Guitar Hero 3 Gibson SG guitars ... and Chloe.

What will Chloe do for you? Well, she will apparently open the gifts for you (which makes no sense to me -- it's my damn gift and I wanna open it), and possibly slither all over them once opened. Then she'll take pictures with you before she leaves, leaving you with a tent in your pants, and a brand new copy of Rock Band.

Now, I was thinking about this last night driving home: If I were a guy and I had the choice between going to a strip club and blowing a bunch of money to not touch a semi-naked girl, or stay home and watch porn for free, well, I'd take the latter every time. Maybe for some, suggestion is just more fun. The girl posted her MySpace link, so I went to investigate. Occupation? "Dancers, models, Suicide Girls and Adult entertainers." Shocking!

Want your Rock Band sexier? Order it with a girl.

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